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Thanks to Nichole for sending this unique one from 12th St NE at Constitution:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This is essentially THE SMALLEST TINIEST DINKIEST MOST RIDICULOUS ABSURD MINI-DEMI-PSEUDO-SILLYHOUSE IN WASHINGTON. tiny but cool house on Capitol Hill is available May 1. It’s a very small studio inside, but it’s a separate house, not a basement like other units its size. Did I mention it’s small? 252 square feet–9.5 feet wide, 28 feet long. It’s the smallest house in DC! But it’s bright and funky, and perfect for someone as cool as you.

VIDEO TOUR available at

Think $1095 sounds reasonable?

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  • wow, you can load the washer and the toilet at the same time.

  • Absolutely it’s worth it! Close to the Metro, very unique, and a great little back yard.

  • OMG, not that song!

  • Yo the google map thing is way off.

  • That is more than a reasonable price for a house like that in Capitol Hill. Its cute and sweet.

  • DISLIKE! Seriously, a mini fridge? I know space is critical but if I’m paying 1K i want a small full size fridge.

  • I would lose my flippin’ mind in a space that small. Seriously. I would rather sleep on a series of friends’ couches.

  • There is another place that is just like that but is not being used for anything now that I can tell. It is on 12th SE just shy of the intersection with South Carolina.

  • that’s nyc style tiny – but with a cute yard! i love it! (i mean, i wouldn’t pay $1k/mo for it but it sounds like somebody has, which means that somebody else probably will). somebody with some creativity could do something cool w/ this space and enter into apartment therapy’s smallest coolest contest 🙂

  • Won’t you be, won’t you be, won’t you be my neighbor.

    Good street in a good neighborhood.

    It’s the weirdest property.

  • I saw the smallest house in Britain in Conwy, Wales a few years ago. This place makes it look like a castle. Still, I like it. Nobody above, nobody below. Besides that, it’s cool! ( )

  • Wow, how can that be built to code? Are those really the minimum size/space requirements in the District?

  • I love it…I’m sort of addicted to a row of houses on the 1300 block of C St NE and would love to buy one; they’re a whopping 370 SF inside, so a mansion in comparison.

  • the sink reminds me of the urinals in the mens room at the Argonaut.

  • Not bad.
    Space could be used a lot better though.

  • Seems like it would be very good as a vacation rental, since the occupants would then not have a lot of stuff nor the need to spend a lot of time there. The owners could pull in at least $100/night, I’d think, which would far exceed the $1K/month rent, but in exchange, they’d have to deal with the high rate of turnover and vacancies. Maybe that’s not a worthwhile trade-off for them, but it’s something to consider.

  • I pay less than this in capitol hill and my place is twice as big. Not a great deal at all. It’s all novelty.

  • kiki

    Washer and Dryer AND a yard? If I lived alone, I’d love it.

  • Hey everyone,

    This is the owner of the Tiny House. I just found this blog, and thanks for all of your comments! Some answers…..

    First of all, I love the line about loading the toilet and washer at the same time. I am totally stealing it–thanks, H!

    It’s been rented a few times already, so the market tells me that the rent’s about right. And renting is still cheaper than owning in this neighborhood. We bought this just a couple of years ago, and a monthly mortgage on it would be much higher than our asking rent–probably more like $1500-1700. I know that you can’t use that standard alone, but it’s a good comparison.

    The size– It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s incredibly small inside, and the closet/fridge/etc. are tiny–but the people who have lived there didn’t mind. It takes a while to find the right person, but they’re out there.

    As far as legality–it’s been inspected by DCRA. And it’s definitely the smallest stand-alone house in DC. A tax assessor checked the city’s database for me, and it’s the smallest house on record.

    I know that house on South Carolina and 12th SE. I walk by it often, and it looks like it’s a garage or carriage house for the main property. It’s smaller than our house, but not a separate property. So we still win!

    I agree that the main room could be arranged better. We rent it unfurnished, so it’s up to the tenant to do what he or she can with the space.

    I am pretty proud of the bathroom’s layout, though. It originally had a full-sized tub, a huge vanity, a full-sized water heater and no washer/dryer. I decided that I’d rather have a w/d than a tub if I lived there. We installed a lowboy water heater on a platform over the w/d. The tiny sink means a slightly wider shower.

    As far as making it a vacation rental–you’re right, I probably could get more than $1095/month some months. And you’re also right that I don’t want to deal with vacancies or marketing right now. I may reconsider in the future.

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