Stabbing at 14th and Monroe Streets, NW 7:30 PM Thurs. Evening

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Sad news again Thursday night:

“Dear PoP,

I was just walking down 14th street and there was some police activity in front of Speedy Liquor near 14th and Monroe, additionally there seemed to be a good deal of what looked like blood on the sidewalk, and a large wet spot where it looked like they tried, fairly futiley, to wash it away. I was wondering if you knew anything about this, or maybe its nothing at all.”


“You guys all know the vendor who’s always outside the liquor store in the evenings on the SW corner of Monroe and 14th – he’s always (at least in my experience) super friendly. Sometime between about 6:45 and 7:45 this evening, we heard that he got stabbed. Jon walked to the gym, said hi to him, and then when Jon was on his way back the whole area was cordoned off, the vendor was nowhere in sight, and all we heard was a garbled version that somebody took a knife across his stomach.

Here are my questions:

Does anybody know what really happened?
How would we go about finding out?
And I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even know his name – does anybody? If so, I will call hospitals around to find out how he is.”

There was definitely a stabbing around 7:30 pm on 14th Street near Monroe. I’m afraid that’s all the info I have at the moment. Will update as more info becomes available.

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  • I’ve seen the vendor (although you’re right, he is in fact always super friendly) beat someone to a pulp on a few occasions. Both fights that I witnessed were super intense and he definitely knew the guys he was beating up. It wasn’t just a random on the street.

  • oh no 🙁 I was walking by around 8pm (i live right on newton) and I saw it all taped off. I asked a police officer if the vendor who is there every day was ok and she said yes. I pray it wasnt him…hes always so nice and so polite. Who would want to stab him? Does anyone know anything?? How does a stabbing occur in broad daylight on a corner as busy as 14th & Monroe? This is wildly uncomfortable to think about..

  • columbia heights is just crazy with violence, right along 14th. take your pick of streets. ridiculous. it was rock throwing not too long ago, now it’s full on shootings and stabbings. argh.

  • I asked a cop about this last night around 8:45 or so, as they were still there. He said there was an “open investigation,” but noted that the guy “will be alright.” There was still a ton of blood on the sidewalk. The owner of Speedy’s was there, looking pretty distraught IMHO, and someone else was cleaning up the vendor’s table/stuff.

    And yes, as recently as last weekend, the vendor punched a guy two or three times in broad daylight. (This was like 6 pm on Saturday afternoon)

  • And, yes, the vendor seemed to know the person in the weekend assault I witnessed — it wasn’t like he choose someone at random from the foot traffic on 14th Street.

    Overall, I think the area is fine — you just need to be aware of your surroundings, like in any big city.

    • No, not like any big city, in this city, children are armed and dangerous, and have the protection of law.

  • Bummer – this guy is so friendly. I walk by him everyday and he’s always super nice. But I didn’t know he had a penchant for beating the shit out of people.

  • i’ve seen him get into shouting matching and scuffles with people coming out of the liquor store and yell at people for asking for money near his table… but i what i remember most clearly is a saturday afternoon when there was a man shouting at a woman by the dance school on the next block. he was pushing her and yelling and no one really knew what to do about it, until this vendor intervened.

    what a nice man — he always asks, “how are you, young lady?” i hope he is doing OK.

    • I remember that afternoon! I was walking behind that couple and when he started pushing her I looked around for any police and then the vendor came over to intervene. He may have some issues with some people but he is polite and stuck up for that woman when no one else could. I really hope hes going to be ok.

  • So what if the vendor beat up some guy in the streets a week or two ago? That hardly merits getting stabbed. I’m sure whoever he beat up deserved a good ass kicking. Call me crazy, but when someone gets stabbed, I feel like its usually unjustified (when not in self defense). I hope the streets take care of the piece of garbage that did this because I have little faith that the DC police will be able to do anything.

    • I don’t believe anybody insinuated he deserved to get stabbed, despite pointing out his propensity for ass-whoppin’.

      “when someone gets stabbed, I feel like its usually unjustified (when not in self defense)”
      this goes without saying, right? Stabbing (or otherwise injuring) someone while not in the course of defending yourself would by definition be unjustified, I think.

  • I actually was one of the many people who probably called 911 when they saw this scene happen. I was walking to the metro (I always walk by Speedys and the vendor there, they’ve never given me trouble) and someone was seated on a chair clutching their side. A woman looked like she was trying to help, but then just stepped away and her hands were covered in blood.

    I just kept moving to get out of the way and called 911. Apparently they already had an emergency response on the way. I hope the guy is ok, it was really eerie. I walked home from the metro about 2 hours later and there was still blood on the sidewalk and a feeble attempt to wash it off.

    Stuff like this just makes me cringe. It’s important that with the nicer weather, we all remember to stay safe.

  • What is it about warm weather that brings out the violence? (semi-rhetorical question)

    I do hope he’s well. From my two years living at 14th and Monroe, I’ve always thought he brought a positive light to the area.

    I’ll continue to check in on this post, PoP! Thanks for your updates.

  • Had no idea anything had gone down when I walked right past this corner at 7:30 this morning on the way to the bus. Nothing caught my eye. I’m glad you’re posting this because I wouldn’t have known anything went down.

  • From the Post, sounds like someone was arrested:

    Man stabbed in Columbia Heights

    A man was stabbed in the upper body Thursday night near the shopping center anchored by Target in the Columbia Heights area of Northwest Washington, police said.

    The victim was attacked at 14th and Monroe streets about 8:30 p.m., said Officer Hugh Carew, a police spokesman. The victim’s condition could not be immediately learned.

    Police arrested another man, believed to be the assailant, Carew said.

  • That guy plays some great music. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  • saf

    Hey PoP, do you know anything about the stabbing/ADW/some sort of assault at the Petworth Metro stop yesterday?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I haven’t heard anything about that. Where’d you hear it? And what time did it happen?

      • saf

        I just sent you email.

      • I heard about this too – it was just before this stabbing, maybe 6:30pm? A lot of MPD cruisers were up top of the station, but I think Transit Police may have initially received the call and handled the report.

  • i walked by him yesterday and wanted to say whats up cuz he was bumpin was funky ass music.

  • I just got an update from my Monroe St. neighbors:

    Apparently, someone came out of the liquor store earlier in the day, upset that Jeff (the vendor) was playing music/too loudly. They exchanged words, had a bit of an altercation, and the guy said something along the lines of, “I’ll be back.”

    He did come back, with a knife and attacked Jeff.

    The person that this account comes from was hanging out with Jeff earlier in the day (the initial scuffle).

    I’ve heard that he’s been released from the hospital and hopes to be back on the corner soon.

  • I live on Monroe also so that’s really great to hear Jeff will be okay. I’m so sorry this happened to him.

    On a sort of related but separate note, that corner of 14th & Monroe has had many empty storefronts for some time. Does anyone have any idea if that is due to overly high rents? Or are there any plans for something to fill those storefronts?

  • Am I the only person who thinks Jeff is completely annoying? He’s a total crazy who tries to sell crap on the corner and blares shit music. Have you seen him stand there and pump iron in the middle of the sidewalk?

    If his business is legit, then by all means I’m fine with him being there. And I’d never wish harm on him. Clearly the person doing the stabbing is a much less desirable person to have in the neighborhood.

    • His business is legitimate, he does have a permit to conduct his sales on that corner.

      And I agree, I think his presence is certainly more desirable than someone who’s actually willing and eager to stab another human being.

  • I’ve always kinda wondered if anyone actually buys any of the fragrance or bootlegs or whatever he is selling, but he’s never given me any trouble, says hi when you walk by and adds some local color so here’s wishing him a speedy recovery.

    By the way, if you zoom all the way in to street view at the 14th and Monroe corner on google maps, you can see his table, and a couple people, probably including him milling around.

    • By the way I think he was blasting some Michael Jackson the last time I went by, so its hard to get too annoyed by the loud music… could be a lot worse

  • According to the MPD listerv, there was an arrest for ADW around that time at that location, so let’s hope they caught the stabber. I walked by right after this happened. The paramedics had the vendor on oxygen and were wrapping his torso with bandages. Hopefully he recovers quickly.

  • Jeff is always super friendly – I see him most days on my way home from work. Every time I pass him, he says hello and makes some comment about how I add sunshine to his day! He also likes to remind me that if anyone tries to bother me, he’s on the lookout. (Though I’ve never actually seen him beat anyone up.)

    He’s a bit odd, but a very nice guy from what I’ve seen. I’m sorry to hear that someone attacked him and hope he gets better soon.

  • The Post article is definitely wrong about the timing of this. I walked past him after this happened (was surprised to find myself walking through blood and turned and saw him holding his stomach) and that was about 7:20pm.

    Hope he’s ok. Very disturbing.

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