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  • What happened to the “lifestyle” safeway that was supposed to replace Stinky Safeway on GA Ave? I would love to have a decent full grocery store in close walking distance. (Giant is great but I need a cart and time to walk home and Yes! is also great but doesn’t carry some basics). Are they still planning on fixing that Safeway? We need something nice like thiso one!!

  • Much better that the suburban style parking lot store that it replaced. I just wonder how all those G-town blue hairs will navigate the parking garage.

  • I can’t wait! Although it looks like they still have a lot of work to do before next Thursday.

  • I thought a “lifestyle” store was a fetish shop.

  • Hey, nice to see them “upping their game” now that folks have other options.

    They’ll have to change their slogan:

    “Safeway: From Our Family, To The White Folks In The Suburbs, and, If They Don’t Buy It After a Couple of Weeks, To Your Family”

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