Scuttlebutt: Fro-Yo Coming to Columbia Heights Plaza


About a week ago we learned that Rita’s Custard and Italian Ice was closing in the Columbia Heights Plaza and possibly opening up across the street. Well, I’ve just learned from an awesome new tipster who has been very accurate so far what is going into the spot – “Fro-Yo”.

Fro-Yo currently has two locations in Chevy Chase and Metro Center. The tipster says they should be open by Summer. As a recent fan of frozen yogurt I think that is an awesome addition to the plaza. You guys think a frozen yogurt spot will do well there?

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  • Good news! Fro-zen-yo is my favorite of all the new frozen yogurt places. It’s cheaper, has better, more traditional flavors, and is sweet rather than mouth-puckeringly tart. Plus, free hot fudge!

  • What Mr. T said. I am a big fan of Fro Yo.

  • yogurt?! when the heck are we gonna a decent Bait & Tackle shop around here!

  • Not a fan of Rita’s.
    Good move.

  • aw… I need to tell Steve he’s got to get on top of this. We need more Mr. Yogatos.

  • The toppings contain potassium benzoate…That’s bad.

  • i’m a rita’s person, but i am also a really big fan of fro-yo. there’s a lot of different yogurt flavors and they always have a sugar free option too.

  • love the idea of frozen yogurt there. great upgrade for the plaza.

    hopefully they provide more trash cans than Rita’s. what a mess that used to be.

  • i heart frozen yogurt. i worked at a penguins frozen yogurt in high school when it was all the rage. then for years consumer’s appetite for it went away only to resurge in a frenzy with this tangy-style of frozen yogurt. i miss the old school style with fun flavors. if this is the type yogurt that’s coming to ch, i’m going to be a very happy camper:)

  • anyone else having connectivity issues with POP this week?

  • time for POP to get a new server

  • Yeah, big server issues with PoP. I’m going into withdrawl! I need my Wednesday house porn fix!

  • Yes! I thought it was just work again. Although, I’m seriously happy that it’s just the server and not my work blocking POP!

    Also, yay for fro-yo. I think it will work well there.

  • Froyo sounds great to me. We gave Rita’s lots of business, but this sounds like a better frozen treat on the plaza option. (If Rita’s really did voluntarily move off the plaza then that franchise is run by idiots.)

  • With the huge diversity of people in CH..

    1. Rich/poor
    2. Different Age groups
    3. Different ethnicities/races/cultures

    Almost any business that opens there would succeed.

    This area has a demand for all types of businesses.

    I think the CH Chipotle is perhaps one of the most successful ones in DC. No matter what time of the day you go, its always packed.

    Waiting for a Victoria Secret or a GAP to open shop there..

  • I don’t like FroYo, but I am glad this place is coming and it is going to do a KILLING. That plaza was packed this weekend … there are going to be lines out the door.

  • aleros, chain mexican. fro-yo, we need more wine stores and wine bars!!! lord.

  • It should also be noted that FroYo is an African-American-owned and urban-targeted business, hence the name. This is a wonderful thing for the community.

    And on Fridays, if you have a real afro, you get a small yogurt free!

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