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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • This is an old issue that still exists.
    Why is it in DC when a street becomes one way and is posted DO NOT ENTER that there is no corresponding sign on the cross street that announces NO LEFT TURN or NO RIGHT TURN as the case may be on.
    How is a driver to know before you make the turn, at which point it is usually too late?
    Many years ago I got a ticket for doing just this. I went to court but the policeman who issued the ticket didn’t appear so it was thrown out and not tested (as if, as they say).
    Would appreciate comments.

    • if the Do Not Enter sign is placed appropriately close to the corner, it should be clearly visible from the cross street before you turn. It should be near the cross walk area of the one way street. And if you’re checking the crosswalk for pedestrians and such, then you should see the sign.

      That is, of course, assuming proper placement of the sign.
      My 2 cents.

    • You turn your head to the left and look. Or maybe you’re one the people who need “do not eat” written on the silica packs? 😉

    • Not saying that there shouldn’t be a sign, but usually the armada of parked cars all facing you is a good clue.

  • Rant: Metro deciding to work their craziness on all the lines at once.
    Rave: listening to Tom Sherwood trying to explain the $34 million dollar question; also headed to Carroll County for relaxation with the significant other for the weekend, having friends crash in my apartment for kicks and a change of pace while I’m out.

  • Did you know you can’t e-file a request for an extension on filing your taxes? Ooops, filing a late request to file late. Procrastinator ++

  • Rave – Grand Prix of China set for this weekend and it should be a good one.

    Rant – All the people who don’t think their lane is ending when it clearly is. You need to find a spot and actively move over. Don’t just drift and think that its the duty of others to move for you. It’s your lane that is ending.

    And don’t get me started on the people who use the service lane coming into the city on NY Ave.

    • +2billion on the lane ending issue! Also applies to right/left turn only lanes. It’s your problem to get over, not my problem to make space for you!

    • I second this rant, assuming that traffic is moving. If it’s gridlocked anyway, there are no “spaces” to “find” so I suggest going all the way to end and doing an alternate merge.

    • How about the line-cutters on northbound Rock Creek Pkwy on the way to the turnoff for Beach Drive? They end up slowing everybody down by zooming to the front and then cutting off someone in the correct lane. I loathe them.

      • What I loathe are people who see that you need to get over, but pretend they don’t see you. They press up as close as possible to the car in front of them and stare straight ahead, like a child who pretends not to hear you tell them to take out the garbage. Douches.

        What’s it hurt you to let someone in?

        • Actually, it has been proven (and is adopted practice in basically every country but ours) that lanes that are ending should be used until the cars are as close to the end as possible before they merge. There are distinct reasons why lanes end when and where they do, and it all relates to natural traffic flow. People who merge 1 mile before a lane ends, and then have a pity party because others are “zooming past”, are actually in the wrong. This is why trucks and buses “zoom” by… the drivers have been taught the proper way to deal with merging lanes in CDL classes.

          This issues annoys me almost as much as the “stick with your own lane” crap. Actually, you should stick with the right lane until you need to pass, then you use the left lane until it is clear to merge right again.

          • If they could somehow educate drivers on that road to do just that, or put up signs saying “use both lanes and then take turns,” I think using your suggested method would help immensely. The status quo is not working.

    • Badger, indeed re. F1 race in China. Hope it is as good as the first race. Still wish we could get them here. I want to see them scream down Constitution toward the Capitol at 200 mph.

  • Rave: tonsil removal site healing well, I can eat anything except (see Rant)

    Rant: just diagnosed with silent reflux which aggravates my throat and causes this nasty nasty cough that keeps me up at night. I can’t eat or drink: coffee/caffeinated beverages, citrus, tomato based things, chocolate (?!?!), amongst other items. The coffee one is the worst. I can’t sleep because of the cough, but I can’t drink coffee to keep myself awake during the day. These headaches are ridiculous and I keep almost falling asleep at my desk. Rawrawrawrawr! Any first hand recommendations for dealing with this? I’m on Prilosec twice a day and Tums whenever I feel a coughing fit coming. I’ve never had to deal with this before…

    • Maybe your doctor can prescribe a codeine based cough syrup. I’ve been on that when a really bad cough from Bronchitis kept me awake at night.

      • I’m on Tussionex right now – it’s been the only cough syrup that works for my allergy/bronchitis cough. Unfortunately it’s not made for a cough caused by acid reflux. Tussionex is a godsend for the allergy cough – it dries up post nasal drip and stops the tickle in your throat so you can sleep!

        I was more wondering if people had tips for dealing with the reflux. Regardless, thanks for the tip!

    • how much priolsec are you taking? I have GERD and my doc said to take 2 OTC Priolsec every day in the AM. When they made it OTC they took it from 20 per pill to 10 per pill. Sleep with the head of your bed elevated (not just pillows but actually prop up the head of your mattress with something) Eat smaller meals and avoid drinking until after the meal.

      My GERD isnt really related to food and I haven’t ever been able to drink caffeine due to other health issues. But I hope this helps!

    • Hmm, I wonder if this is what I have?? Should probably get it checked out…

  • In a merge, you will always end up ahead by staying in the lane that ends.

    It’s a prisoner’s dilemma. The world would be better off if everyone did as you say, but each individual is better off by being a dick. As long as some people are going to be a dicks anyway, which they will, you’ll get through it faster by being with the dicks than being with the lemmings.

    I’m with you on the right turn/left turn thing though. But there’s no law being broken when two lanes are merging by staying in the one that’s going away.

    • which is why i dont fault the people doing so much as i fault the people that let them over. if the dick drivers didnt have a guaranteed in due to some idiot apologist in the non ending lane, then they wouldnt keep the practice up.

      • oh how ironic if this philosophy was also applied to other aspects that people rant about on this blog.

        • like what?

          • and actually i want to ammend my thought on this… i was thinking more along the lines of a lane split where one goes one way and one goes the other. the people that fly down one lane only to cut someone off right before the split, those are the people that deserve a long and painful death. when a lane ends, like a merge lane at the the end of an exit or on ramp, then i agree that you should zipper in one by one in an orderly fashion.

      • Totally with you. Beach Drive/Conn. Avenue exit — THE WORST.

        There is a solid line (e.g. illegal to cross) for about a half mile before the split. I would never let in the douche who cuts over right at the end.

        The cops used to stake this out, I don’t know why they don’
        t any more.

    • If this is a Prisoner’s Dilemma, of course all “dicks” will choose to defect and try to merge as far forward as possible. However the “lemmings” at the front should also defect and not let those dicks merge.

      Of course, in real life this isnt so sustainable without an accident/ road-rage incident / passive-agressive hand gestures happening.

      I’d say it’s more like an Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemm. I wonder if the best strategy in Lane-Merge Theory is also Tit-for-Tat as it is in IPD Game Theory.

  • It would be better if everyone used all the lanes including the merge lane and everyone allowed everyone to merge — alternating entry. It is the folks who fail to allow merges that cause the backups.

    • Not only better, but NECESSARY, as I mentioned above.

      • I think my comment disappeared so sorry if this goes up twice.
        If they could somehow educate drivers on that road to do what you earlier suggested, or put up signs saying “use both lanes and then take turns,” I think using your suggested method would help immensely. The status quo is not working.
        And it is the mergers who slow down the right lane. Traffic can be moving along steadily, then 5 or 6 cars zip up to the front, and then the delay ripples back down the line. And there is that solid line that Jamie mentioned. And if there is a cop in the vicinity, no one goes up to the front and cuts in. As soon as they see the cop car, into the right lane they go. Why is that?

  • Rant: Not much to rant about

    Rave: Got some writing/edits done this morning- out for a walk and some errands.

  • +1. Who are the dicks in this scenario exactly? People who want to merge or the petty pricks who refuse to let them in because it will somehow damage them? Is your pride hurt? Will you get where you’re going 14 seconds later than you want?

  • rant: The countdown of days until the noisy inconsiderate roommate moves out has begun! One-bedroom apartment, here I come!

  • Rave: gorgeous windy day. Dupont looks awesome with all the seeds swirling in the air.

    Rant: so much ranting on this page! Cheer up, the morning commute is behind you!

  • Rant: After almost 25 years, I still haven’t figured out how to not let my mother’s angry diatribes (about whatever \terrible\ decision I’m about to make) get to me.

    Rave: It’s a beautiful day. I have a new lease to sign, I have great friends, an amazing boyfriend, and a happy life.

    • take it from an old dude: You will always be your mother’s child and she will always know how to press your buttons, because she *installed* them! 🙂

    • That’s what “mom” means in Latin: she who can always get ya.

  • RANT: my boss at my internship is so god damn effin passive aggressive it makes me want to scream. I just got an itouch and i accidentally replied all to an email instead of replying asking for clarification on what i thought was a time conflict with a lunch and a presentation since i didnt have my calender handy. She sent me an email about how i should have brought it up with her instead of replying all and how clearly she checked the schedule. It took all my strength not to write a VERY nasty email to her. I will not let her ruin my weekend. April 30th is my last day. It could not come sooner.

    Rave: 2 weeks left of the semester. Next year I don’t have any night classes and only actually have to go to campus once every other week. Thank god for online classes.

  • Rave: My birthday was yesterday! I made it another year. My crazy birthday night included eating pizza and falling asleep at 7PM! (See below for reason for going to be bed so early.)
    Rant: The combination of jet lag and allergies are kicking my butt.
    Rave: Jet lag due to last weekend in Vegas!

  • Rave: I’m signing my lease today…moving to Petworth one week from today!

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