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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant – I hate when people bother me at work when I am clearly busy. I understand if you walked into my office and you didn’t realize that I was doing something. That’s pretty normal, right? But once you get to that point and you DO realize that I am busy, you need to make a choice. Either it’s something simple that you can throw out and leave quickly or it’s something that you really need to be dealing with at a time when I’m not busy. If you’d just sent me an email or maybe even left a voicemail then we could probably have avoided this altogether. There are days where I seriously consider putting up a sign that says “Minesweeper is a Timed Game!” There is a lot to remember, the time is ticking, and you want to ramble on about something? Come on. I know that to many people simply winning on expert level would be enough. I understand that, but I don’t want to be one of those people who settle. The fact of the matter is that when you spend as much time as I do playing, you have higher standards. It’s all fun to you, but it’s competition to me. It’s like you’re holding up Tiger Woods at the miniature gold course (put put, if you are from SC). In truth I sometimes wish that it wasn’t like this. I wish that we could just go back to the simple days and I could just talk to you and not care about the clock running. Ok, that might be a stretch. But I do wish that we could go back to a time where I could talk to somebody else and not worry about the clock. The thing is that we’ve really been pushed on some pretty big projects around here. There have been some really heavy duty hour demands coming through this place and it’s required a lot of extra work to do them. That brings us here. We’ve got a law around here. It’s called Parkinson’s Law. If you need to look it up, you could probably do it right now. Somewhere else. It’s time for my next match anyway. So, um, *throat clear*. Back up slowly and close the door on your way out. No, no, don’t close it all the way. Crack it. It gets stuffy in here.

    Oh, and glad I could help!

    • In case you’re too lazy to look up Parkinson’s Law, here’s the quick version: “Dude! I have Parkinson’s Disease. Go find someone else to do this task that requires very steady hands.”

    • Bravo, QAR.
      I would like to add, please do not sneak up on me while I am drinking coffee. This shit is hot and it doesnt go well with my shirts and when you do this i long to punch you in the head. HR be damned!!!

      • No kidding. It’s hard enough to drink a cup of coffee due to the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. You certainly don’t need the added aggravation of QAR sneaking up on you.

  • Regarding the above picture: That guy’s dad was Slim Goodbody.

  • rave: PoP switched their photo hosting today from flickr to PoP’s own site. As a result, I can actually see the images at work (flickr is blocked, so it’s usually pretty graphically devoid)

  • Rant: Where are the normal women, where are they hiding?

    Rave: took the motorcycle out this weekend.

    • crazy woman = crazy sex
      crazy woman = pain in arse

      like a yin and yang in constant turmoil and struggle.
      what to do?

      if you’re lucky, one will eventually overpower the other. in the mean time, enjoy the ride.

    • In the South, in the West, anywhere with better weather. Er, wait…did you say normal or pretty?

      The short answer is “Not in DC”.

      • +1 that. If you want pretty and friendly, try the South and the Midwest. DC ain’t the place for that.

        As for normal… I got no clue.

        Disturbing Captcha: “get pustule”
        No thanks.

  • Rant 1: site ate my comment, which I will now attempt to re-create, and which I’m sure will re-appear as soon as I re-post.

    Original rant: The utter lack of any decent parks in the neighborhood. It’s either reefer smoke drifing across the playground at the catholic church on 16th and park, or it’s nasty tweens throwing stuff at my toddler and bums barfing in the park at 11th and meridian. I had to drive out to Takoma Park this weekend to find a clean playground populated by *gasp* children and their parents.

    I know, I know: “If you love TP so much, why don’t you move there?” Believe me, I’m beginning to think that’s my only option, and it makes me so sad.

    • You might want to try Kalorama Park. It seems to have a fair share of children, doing kid stuff.

    • Oh, believe me, you ain’t the first one to leave the District because the quality of life here sucks unless you’re 23 and single or rich and elderly.

    • Upshur Park always seems to be full of children and their parents…

      • Lincoln Park is associated with a Neo-Nazi group called “Moms on the Hill” that complains if anyone looks cross eyed at their kids. That might be an option for you.

        • Unnecessary and downright rude, Ragged Dog. I thought better of you.

          But answer me this: what kind of parent would I be if I just shrugged and said “ehn, kids” when a pack of feral 12-year-old starts throwing pebbles at my two-year-old? What’s worse than “nazi”?

    • Go to Turtle Park in DC off of Mass Ave, it’s nice.

      • +1 for Turtle park at 45th and Van Ness, you can’t lose. Walter Pierce Park on Adams Mill Road is nice too.

  • Rant: I miss home, the friends, family and familiarity of it all. I have been in the city for almost 2 years and I like it here, but I love home.

  • Rant: I love being part of the drum circle at Meridian Hill Park, but I feel like we’re being attacked on all fronts now. First, all the yuppies who don’t appreciate a little free love and drum music are complaining and trying to get us shut down, and then we have some yahoos spreading rumors that we’re all a bunch of homeless bums. I can’t take it anymore. I’ll miss you guys.

  • Rave: New hobbies are fun. Re-racked my second homebrewed beer this weekend. I have one that’s now three weeks from drinking, and one that’s about four weeks away. Can’t wait.

  • Hey PoP,

    I noticed the firehouse at N Capitol and Florida-ish is for sale again. I thought this was sold for like $1.5M? Did the sale fall through, or is the sign still up from a few months ago?

    Or am I just misremembering.

    Rave: 3 Week vacay to Sonoma, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sedona.

    Rave 2: Approved for loan for solar installation.

    Rave 3: Sunny.

    • You thinking about buying it, Slim?

      • Eff no. But its architecturally outstanding and it’s a shame it just sits there vacant and deteriorating. It would have awesome patio seating if you put in some rollup doors.

        I was excited someone bought it. Hopeful someone was going to fix it up.

  • Rave: Got my tonsils out last week! No more swollen tonsils, strep, or tonsilitis!
    Rant: Still in pain, and my cough is still there.

    Rant: TiVo box broke 5 months after buying a brand new one. Guess how long the warranty is? ONE MONTH. Who the heck has a one month warranty on electronics?! Now I have to pay $50 to get a refurbished box sent, which I could have bought in the first place for much cheaper than $400. Seriously, I’m so angry at this whole deal. I’m recommending you NEVER buy a brand new TiVo box – get the refurbished ones from them. They’re essentially brand new. Urgh.

    Rave: While I was recovering, I got to watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Lost on Netflix before my TiVo box broke. Seriously awesome, addictive show. Never thought I would like it, but I can’t WAIT to watch the rest!

    • You will love LOST. I’m currently re-watching all the back episodes on Netflix, and the current episodes are so much creepier because of it. The only problem is that with the instant gratification of Netflix watch instantly, I can easily watch 8 hours of consecutive tv. :/

  • Rant: Last week I got a request for a ‘general policy’ conference call. I got everybody together and we call in today and I am blindsided by the call requestor who suddenly has a specific matter to discuss. Our VP and General counsel look at me like “wtf?”. I recovered (I think).

    Rant: I have a few ‘work friends’ all competent, all competing for the same position and I have input into who will be hired…tough spot.

    Rave/Rant: Great weekend away with family despite exhaustion from long drive.

  • Rave: Got out of town for a retreat this weekend–spent 24 hours in the peaceful hills of West Virginia. I miss living in the Midwest!

    Rant: My job is just getting worse and worse. There are people who would love to do what I’m doing…while I cannot stand what I’m doing, nor am I good at it. I need something new!!! *sigh*

  • Rave: had a great great great weekend, biking, running, a date…woo hoo

    Sad: Doggie is sick. Not sure what is going on w/ her, now won’t eat, legs collapsed last week, she peed on her bed…She looks at me as if to say “do something mom, I don’t feel well”. Will take her to doctor today. Makes me very sad. She is such a sweetie.

    • Rant: People who treat their pets like children. While I honestly hope your dog is ok, Rayul, it just seems creepy when someone imagines their pets’ inner-monologue thinking of them as “Mom,” or “Dad.”

      Rave: Almost the greatest captcha ever: “Baboons but.”

  • Well, when you care for them all day/every day of their life for years and years, you do tend to think of them as family members. And, the easiest common anology for a cared for/caretaker relationship is child/parent….so, it isn’t creepy. It’s fairly normal. I’m sorry you haven’t known the true love of an animal, anon. You’d understand if you had.

    • Wrong. There is nothing analogous between raising a child and raising a pet. If you think your pet is your child, you are delusional. I say this as someone who has had dogs and cats my whole life and cried my eyes out for days when they’ve had to be put down.

  • Rave: Beautiful weekend, Beach Drive dogwoods are incredible, saw deer outside the Zoo.
    Rant: Cyclists who take over Beach Drive and ride three abreast like they think they are f-in Greg LeMonde and then think it’s rude when hapless pedestrians or stroller pushing families stop to appreciate the view. Here’s a stick in your spokes, a-hole, you know who you are.

    • Petworthian: Let me apologize on behalf of all the Greg Lemond/Lance Armstrong wannabees out there. I enjoy cycling very much and was out on Beach Drive this weekend too. Once to run and once to ride. While I was running with my dog, I witnessed a few cyclists who forgot their bikes came with brakes, and swerved way to close to other park users. It was obvious they did it on purpose.

      So you’re right – as a group cyclists may have the largest sense of entitlement I’ve seen anywhere; well the roadies anyway. Mountain bikers are way more chill.

    • Where are dogwoods on Beach drive? Would love to see them. I go there at least every weekend but don’t recall seeing dogwoods yesterday. (But we were mostly picnicking & wading.)

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: It’s snoball season.
    Rant: Plum Street is so far away.

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