Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

this was not line dancing
Photo by PoPville flickr user schmiddi

You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

Any Donovan McNabb fans?

I’ll also take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the PoPville March Madness Pool (you can pick up your t-shirts at the Apr. 29th Happy Hour):

(1) JP Hayworth. Score: 91
(1) Merle Eisenberg. Score: 91
(3) Adam Taylor. Score: 90

And thanks to Lindsey for administering the Pool.

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  • Bad: metro and metrobus sucking more than usual.

    Good: baseball season starting, sunshine, and easter candy- lots of easter candy.

  • Rant: dogs barking all night for the last three weeks in the alley behind my house.

    Rave: beautiful weather, home from work

  • Rave: Let’s go Red Sox!

    Rave: Meeting lots of new Petworthians this weekend.

    Rant: No one seemed to know anything about the 3 free trees per household deal! If we organized in Petworth we could get some serious trees planted! See…



    I have a stack of the rebates, I intend to leave 3 at all my neighbor’s houses….

  • Rant: images on this site are now blocked at work. First they take away The Onion, now this!

    • @PG- maybe it’s something wto do with the html on this site? I can’t see the pictures today either…or possibly we work in the same building. 😛

      Anyone else having problems viewing the pics?

      • It looks like they’ve blocked flickr, so any image from there appears as a white box with a red x in it.

        Captcha: blunting today – not for me, even back in the days when I indulged, I never tried a Blunt. 🙂

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m gonna work on uploading pictures straight through my site instead of from flickr since flickr is getting blocked by lots of folks. Hopefully I can make the switch in the next couple of weeks. Note I will still be using the PoPville flickr pool for many of my images.

      • The weird thing is, I can see the dcist flickr photos on dcist. Maybe they upload them different.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          DCist uploads flickr pictures through their own servers. I will have to do the same. I hope to have this done by the end of the week or early next week at the latest…

      • Yes please. I’m blocked too…Argh!!!

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather! Kickball starts in two weeks, and Vagina Monologues is in 3–so many things to be excited about this Spring/Summer!

    Rant: Could be missing out on something great because I have issues with commitment and the mere thought of a relationship is enough to give me an anxiety attack.

  • so nobody had Duke or Butler winning it all in PoPville

  • Rant: Getting wallet and Iphone stolen at Velvet Lounge–and having the staff members not give a damn.

    Rave: The weather was nice…

  • Rant: I got pulled over in Virginia. and found out that my DC driver’s license is suspended.

    Rave: well at least the weather is beautiful. so hoofing it or metroing it won’t be so bad.

  • rant: had the stomach flu last week still not completely up to snuff. Final papers/projects etc gearing up for grad school. Glad year 1 is almost over. Boy has been at his parents all weeked and he doesnt get cell service there we havent talked in 2 days 🙁

    rave: beautiful weather, semester is almost over, finally get some new inventory on the shelves at WRAMC and now have a budget to buy more stuff. I’m totally smitten with the boy.

  • Rave: weather is beautiful in DC.
    Rant: I just arrived in Germany where it’s ~20 degrees colder.
    Rave: Beer!
    Rant: Miss my squeeze.
    Rave: Beer!

  • Vonstallin

    Rave: new construction started on my house…the 2 main projects i wanted since 1994.

    Rant: I dont think they are going to finish on time and pour the cement b4 the rain. Also I have a race and need to pull my motorbike out by friday…dont think the driveway will be dried enuff for that.

    Sleepy, and my DLP 52″ TV is going to cost a grip to fix. Horray for TV repair man working on the side to save me from paying almost a grand in repairs.

  • Rave: walked 30 miles on Saturday!

    Rant: only half-way there.

  • Rave: wonderful weather…walked the dogs this weekend in Rock Creek cemetary where I ran into a rooster and two chickens!!!! No lie…what the hey

    Rant: no rants…weather too beautiful and I’m getting off work in 1 hr and 15 min…..yeahhhhh!

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Back patio is coming along nicely. Love spending weekend mornings gardening. Love spending money my landlords will reimburse me for.

    Rant: Neighbors have STILL not fixed the fence and it’s ATROCIOUS. Winter’s been over a while folks!

    Rave 2: Parents visiting in two weeks. Dad and I are replacing the back deck and our part of the fence.

    Rant 2: Still the fence.

    Rave 3: BASEBALL!!! Was great to be at the ballpark Saturday afternoon, even if the Nats lost it was a great time.

  • Way to go JP for winning the Pool!

    • Looks like the Congratulations were a bit premature. I actually ended in 5th place. Not first. The winners are:
      1 Merle Eisenberg
      2 Bill Quirk
      3 Mike Campbell

  • Major Rant: I did something stupid and the girl who I started dating last weekend no longer seems interested. Kind of ruined this weekend, and I wasn’t really able to enjoy the weather.

    Bad neighbor rant:

    In July something happened to the condo development across the street from me that required major work on the facades of the buildings. Now the street houses a construction trailer and all the supplies and equipment necessary for the repairs. A fence keeps it secure and takes up half the road and most of the available parking. All this would be a minor annoyance except that they appear to have forgotten about it and haven’t done any work since at least the snow storm (but if memory serves me well, I think it may even have been since the December storm). Construction at the crack of dawn is bad enough, but two months of your neighbors and their contractor treating your street like their own personal storage shed is getting pretty infuriating.

  • Our tax dollars at work in Iraq:


  • me

    Rant: Found out I have skin melanoma. And I was looking forward to getting a tan this summer! I’m pale as a ghost.

    Rave: I found out I’m getting about $6k back in my tax refunds. That will fund one hell of a happy hour.

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