Random Reader Photos – Happy and Sad

fred playing paparazzi

Thanks to PoPville flickr user Laura_Grageda for sending in this great photo taken by her friend Fred Lameck. Laura writes:

“My friend Fred and I were driving down Wisconsin ave (towards Tenleytown) last Saturday when we see this wedding party. Of course we slow down and I reach around my seat, grab my dslr, hand it over to my friend and tell him to start snapping. Some of the wedding party was standing in front of the bride not giving us a great view so my friend yells out “we want to see the bride.” He then yells, “you look absolutely gorgeous.” He did a great job of making her feel special and it showed.”

Car Fire on 13th Street

And in less happy news thanks to Dji for uploading photos from a crazy van fire at 13th between Monroe & Otis Streets, NW.

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  • The brides taken. Wonder if the other two are.

    (captcha – grievous protector)

  • Sad: the hot bride is taken. Damn.

    Also sad: Pandering to a woman’s vanity is still so predictably effective!

  • Looks like the van fire started in the engine? I hope it’s not a vandal’s car-B-Q. That’s right around the corner from a friend’s home. And right out on the street instead of in the alley, where they usually torch stolen cars…

    • It’s the next block from my house, too, and it happened around 5:45PM yesterday. I was driving southbound on 13th and there was a cloud of thick, black, rancid smoke visible from several blocks away. From the corner of 13th and Spring, you could even see a big shower of sparks go up. Crazy stuff.

  • Laura Grageda actually has a lot of great pictures on her flickr account. Kudos to her.

  • Did they get married in the LV store?

  • The Bride and the van: both are smokin’!

  • Thanks for the kudos Badger! I hope this pic gets to the bride somehow.

  • Can some one explain this car combustion phenomenon of DC or do we have a serial car arsonist running around? I have never heard of so many car fires in my life and we are required to get car inspections unlike many states.

    • car fires fall into two categories; ‘natural’ and ‘car-b-q’. Natural ones would be electrical or mechanical in nature and are usually just malfunctions of some sort, though sometimes they’re due to poor maintenance or poorly installed aftermarket stereo or lighting. DC no longer has a safety inspection of any sort, just emissions, and the safety inspection was easily and often circumvented with small bribes, making it pretty ineffective in keeping dangerous cars off the road. Car-b-q’s are usually kiddie car thieves destroying evidence of after-school joyride [and often robbery] antics. These are usually chrysler minivans or dodge sedans, since they’re un-freaking-believably easy to steal.

  • The van fire was on my girlfriend’s block, but we have not been able to get any concrete info on what happened. A rumor we heard had something to do with kids playing with firecrackers, but we were hoping to find some more details.

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