Raise Your Hand to Demand Rights for DC!

From an email:

“The Give Me A Vote project puts a spotlight on the struggle for DC voting rights with public art that inspires discourse on democracy. Raise your hand and demand voting rights for Washington, DC! We aim to attract the attention of and promote action from DC residents who support DC democracy.

Raise Your Hand – Join in by creating your own art.
Become a part of the movement, let us know what DC voting rights mean to you. Join the artists in creating public art around the city. Contact us for details on how you or your group can get involved.

Join us today at 11:30am at Dupont Circle for the launch of the project and the first stencil making party. The project will be active for at least a month.”

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  • As the seat of the federal government DC shouldn’t and was never intended to have a vote.

    • and you are OK with that? you don’t count?

    • had you heard? woman and non white people can vote. even those filthy non-landed folk.

    • Disagree completely. DC may have been intended only as a ‘Federal City’, but it is chock full of tax paying citizens who deserve to have their voice (and vote) heard in Congress.

      How disgustingly ironic and embarassing that for a nation that prides itself on giving every citizen a voice in government, our national capital has no such representation.

      Give us the vote!

    • DC is not a state and was not meant to be. This was addressed in the Federalist Papers.

      Here is a semi-recent piece on the issue.

      The solutions offered to enfranchise district residents is moving residential sections to Virginia and Maryland.

      I would much rather this than have DC reach a ‘most favored state’ status- the concentration of power issue already discussed way back in the Federalist Papers.

      [Besides, the last thing we need to do is elevate Hizzoner Fenty’s status 🙂 ]

      • I freely admit that I am out of my element here in terms of my knowledge and study of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the original intents of the founding fathers… but I still contend that it’s a travesty for the nation that claims to hold aloft the lantern of Freedom and Democracy for the rest of the world denies a vote to ANY of it’s citizens, especially those who live in its capital. It’s flat out un-American.

        It’s time for DC’s status to change, whether that means a ‘state’ or some other entity. That’s what amendments are for.

  • The real beauty of America is that if you don’t like the laws of one area you can move to another without having to leave the country.

    It really was a travesty for those people who lost their voting rights when DC was created. None of those people, however, are here to complain.

    So why then do I hear so much complaining? Living in DC without a vote is a choice.

    • even better than having to move, here in america the people have a great power to change the laws.

      the whole, “you should just move line” is insulting and implies that people shouldn’t not try to improve what they have and love.

    • Love it or leave it is always such a weak argument.

      • That weak line always irritates me. I can just picture some redneck in a wife-beater and greasy hair saying “why don’t ya just git on back to wherever ya come from iffin ya don’t like it here!”

        So, by your logic, if you don’t like slavery, just move to a non-slave state rather than try to change the law?
        Anyway, all those people who were brought here from Africa in chains aren’t here to “complain” anymore, so let’s all just forget it and move on, right?

    • You got that wrong. The real beauty of America is that all of us have the power to demand our rights as citizens. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to be taken seriously when your delegate has no vote.

      I’ll tell you what: exempt us from federal taxes and you can keep your stinkin’ vote. Since that’ll never happen, we’ll take the vote, please.

  • I’m for retrocession for the non-Federal parts of DC back to Maryland. A constitutional amendment to make DC a state is never going to happen.

  • p.s. The 23rd Amendment allows DC residents to vote for electors in the presidential election.

    I definitely favor moving residential areas to Maryland (and why not, “Murderland” will welcome the us…)

    Doing that will allow residents to vote for (Maryland’s) senators and representatives)

    Oh yeah, I forgot– DC residents do get to vote for District Mayor AND a ton of other local reps.

    In summary, DC is not completely unenfranchised, and the one issue (highlighted in my above post on the statehood/Federalist issue) can be resolved through ceding residential areas to Maryland.

    See- wasn’t that easy? 🙂

    • Why do you favor Maryland over Virginny? Not that I care, either way, mind you.

      while I realize we do get to vote in local elections, the issue is more about our national representation in a body that writes laws by which we must abide.

      (man, sometimes it’s really hard not to end a sentence in a preposition!) 🙂

      • present day dc used to be a part of maryland, so if retrocession is the answer, thats the state it would be. alexandria and arlington already retroceded to ol viginny.

  • CORRECTION: I meant “us” and not “the us” in those parentheses.

  • I doubt very much Maryland would take us.
    It should be statehood, two senators, one rep.
    It won’t happen.

  • Their website has no information on it other than the graphic above — anyone know more about what this thing is?

    captcha: government gagged

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