Quick Arrests by MPD in Shooting on the 1700 Block of Euclid Street, NW

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From MPD:

“At approximately 5:00 pm this evening MPD units responded for the sounds of gunshots in the 1700 block of Euclid St NW.

A victim who was the intended target was located however they were not struck by the gun fire.

The units on foot patrol in the area and responding units made two arrests.”

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  • ah spring in dc, the cherry blossoms blooming, flowers popping up, bullets flying through the air.

  • I give mpd and the vigilant neighbors a lot of credit. it’s been months since there has been a shooting at that corner. A few years ago you’d hear gunshots nightly there.

  • Kudos to the DCPD, I rode my bike through there shortly after it happened and it appeared they had it already sorted out. Agreed CHdude on that corner having changed a lot. I know someone who used to live on that street and she used to call the place “Disneyland” after dark on the weekends.

  • Post the names of the guys. I used to track that crew a few years back and know their street names and most of their real names. They’re all over MySpace, the dorks.

  • The school is open now after 5 year of renovation. MDP has not choice but to do some serious cracking down on that corner. If the thugs have any sense they’ll move to a new corner. Can’t be good for business. (Hey, maybe someone can IM them on myspace).

  • This is why those condos in the area seem cheap for Adams Morgan and are always turning over.

  • CM Graham is now reporting that a young girl was in fact shot/grazed. Wonder why it was reported initially reported that no one was hit? 2 guys arrested are Daniel Martin (age 20) 1400 block Chapin NW and Derrick Warner (age 18), 2300 block Aigner Place SE.

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