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  • Is there a YouTube version that will load without the frequent pauses?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hmm, it is working on my computer without pauses. Are other folks having any problems with the video? Maybe it’s just my, at times, stilted delivery…

  • PoP getting salty in the vid. haha

  • Youtube has been refusing to accept the longer vids, alas. I usually try to keep these closer to 10 minutes but the Good Prince just keeps laying out the solid gold hits…

  • I love this! Great job, guys!

  • Won’t load on the iPad! 🙁

    • Probably for the same reason it won’t load on an etch-a-sketch; it wasn’t designed to.

  • Boards are off the library annex. Paint is up. I think they my meet the deadline. Go DC!

  • next PoPtrekker should be in TiNo. TDF up to the Rib Pit, or even better, the strip with Highlands and Smokeys

  • I love those pigs. I won a PoP t-shirt for my caption in the caption contest featuring those piggies.

  • I believe there is some good news on the burned-out building at 3145 Mt. Pleasant. I heard that the owner had reached an agreement to sell the building to the building’s tenants’ association, who will in turn receive help (not sure from where) to rebuild it. This will allow many of the original residents to return, and will finally put an end to this terrible eyesore. I believe Jim Graham was involved in brokering the deal. Perhaps others who have been following this more closely can provide better info.

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