Pollomio Chicken Opens up in Old Kiko’s Chicken Spot on 14th St, NW


Kiko’s Peruvian Chicken closed back in July at 3703 14th Street, NW (not far from the Red Derby). It looks like a new Peruvian Chicken restaurant, Pollomio chicken, has opened up in their spot. It appears the inside hasn’t changed too much. Anyone check them out yet?

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  • Another Peruvian chicken place? Really? While I honestly wish them the best of luck I have to wonder if there is really a business case for this place. It’s like bringing coal to Newcastle. I give it 5 months.

    • There really aren’t many good food places in north Columbia Heights. I live up this way and if I want rotisserie chicken, I have to walk all the way down to Park. This is really convenient for me.

    • you obviously don’t live in this neighborhood, Thought

  • Vonstallin

    Why did the old place close? I seem to remember hearing that they cost a good deal. I assume this place will be cheaper?

    I’m just wondering. It’s like opening a Burger King in a spot that use to be McDonalds.

  • I can’t believe the place in DCUSA is still open — that is a VERY high-rent space, it is right in between two better-known chicken places (Sabroso and Campero), and from the looks of it, it is ALWAYS empty. It’s amazing to me, still, how much duplication we have in the area when there are still MAJOR holes (Chinese, Japanese / Sushi, pasta, Indian, etc.) in the neighborhood cuisine options.

    • I’d like to meet the guy who thought it was a good business plan to open up a peruvian chicken place a couple storefronts down from a well established peruvian chicken place with a better product and cheaper prices.

      As for Pollo Mio, it is very good. i’m not ready to say it is better than pollo sobroso, but it’s good.

  • There is a real market for more food options on this block, but yes, surprising that this one is so similar to the rest around Quincy/Spring. Things I’d like to see for the block: coffee shop, asian food, wine place. You guys think there is enough demand for any of these?

  • I think this place is the same ownership as the old place. Renovations and re-branding.

    • Why would they renovate a brand new place that was open for 3 months? 🙂

      It seems slightly but not massively cheaper than the previous place. The chicken in the previous one was bland. Haven’t tried Pollomio yet but hopefully it has a bit more flavor to the chicken, and some of the meat dishes might be good too (something the previous place, IIRC, did not have).

  • High turnover of store names and management is either indicative of an unsuccessful business or, less likely, a money laundering front.

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