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  • Interesting. Those don’t look like HDR shots at all. This might be the first time that I have ever seen the feature used conservatively.

    • What is an HDR shot? And why are you calling it conservative?

      • HDR can be a great tool when used appropriately (see above) but more common than not people end up really over using it. The effect that you often get is that of being cartoonishly over saturated. Imagine taking a normal picture and then trying to convert it into your old school NES system. That’s what they look like to me. Like they were set up in a system that couldn’t understand the colors.

        You can see a lot more at this link (a few good ones and utter garbage)…

        You’ll quickly (and happily) see why I was surprised.

  • Hi,
    The first photo is in HDR, which is when 3 exposures are taken (one too dark, one too bright, and one in the middle) and combined afterwards. Sometimes this results in a cartoonish or garish look, so when I use HDR I try to keep it looking as natural as possible. The second shot is just a normal exposure. If i shot that one in HDR, the blown out area at left would have more detail in it. Thanks for posting them, Dan!

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