Photo Archives Caption Contest Winner – Pick Up Shirts at Tonight’s HH

Congrats to Sam with:

“NASA found DC’s pothole riddled streets to be the perfect training ground for the Mars Rover.”

and runner up to Collin with:

“Huh, well that’s funny. This looks nothing like the streetcars we ordered in the catalog.”

You can pick up your t-shirts at the spring happy hour at Social (14th and Meridian Streets, NW).

Ed. Note: I’m fighting a bit of a head cold and sore throat so I’m going to the Irish Whiskey straight away at 7pm, if you get to the hh past 9pm I’d like to apologize in advance for anything I might say…

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  • Hahaha I’m so happy that Mars Rover one won – made me laugh out loud! I like the disclaimer, PoP!

    See you all tonight! And after the Biking Under the Influence post, I’m taking a cab! I’ll take my chances of being a single female in a cab.

  • ha, those both crack me up!

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