New Mediterranean Lounge, Zeba Bar & Grill, Coming to 3423 14th Street, NW

This is the basement space that was supposed to become Dave’s Tavern below Quiet Mind Yoga. As you can tell from the title, Dave’s Tavern is no longer in the works. However, I did speak to the owner, David, who had good news. The space is now going to become a Mediterranean Lounge called, Zeba Bar & Grill. The space will be more like a bar with some dining options like shish kabob. I imagine it will be a Red Derby type set up (meaning more of a bar with some food options). David expects the space to open in 3 or 4 months. Stay tuned for updates as the build out progresses.

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  • Hmmm, wasn’t this place originally supposed to open a year and a half ago? I do hope this time he is for real. There is nothing like this is in the area, and if he can make a few things really well — say, a few varieties of fresh pitas and hummus (like the hummus place in NYC), and/or really tasty shish ka bob, he’ll do great. If it is sort of a nebulous part bar / part dance scene / part mediocre food place, if it tries to be too many things at once, it won’t.

    On another note, what is up with the huge sign covering parts of two of the windows on that building??

  • With any luck David can get Jim Graham to to enforce the city’s sign codes and remove the “Tienda Latina Villa’s” sign from the windows.

    Didn’t the city allocate a large sum of money set aside to beautify this stretch of 14th? I believe it bought the new Cooper Hardware sign, among others. What became of this money?

    BTW, what does Tienda Latina Villa’s sell? Judging from the sign they sell airplanes, dollar bills, and models.

    • yes, let’s please sterilize everything so every street everywhere can look just like Clarendon. Hurry up, clean up the riff raff and undesirables. Time is money.

    • I would totally shop there if all they sold were airplanes, dollar bills and models!

      @Anonymous 1047: why would you want to keep “riff raff and undesirables” around? By riff raff and undesirables, I’m assuming you mean trash, rodents, and people who cause crime and public disturbances…

      I never understand why people would *want* to live in a situation like that. It doesn’t take money or time to _not_ be a criminal or to not litter (except the 3 minutes it might take to find a trash can).

  • The $800 million Alladin casino in Vegas failed because people had to climb stairs to enter the building. Famous case in every marketing textbook. I’m sure Tienda Latina Villa’s will learn this the hard way.

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