New Bar on H St, NE – Star & Shamrock has Soft Opening

I’ll admit I was very skeptical when I first heard about plans for a Jewish Deli combined with an Irish Tavern. Well, Star & Shamrock located at 1341 H Street, NE really impressed me. The space is quite comfortable with a huge bar, plenty of tables and tvs:

As a proud American Jew originally from New York who also drinks a lot of whiskey I feel especially qualified to give a huge thumbs up to this place. Even the latkes were good! Sadly I didn’t get to try any deli sandwiches but I have very high hopes.

A few more photos after the jump plus their soft opening menu.

Below is an obscured look into the deli section.

Thanks to Nichole for sharing the latkes:

Thanks to Claudia for sharing the pigs in a blanket:

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  • This sounds like a great idea. I’m very excited to try this place. I hope the sandwiches are delicious.

  • Post title places the bar in a different quadrant

  • you should see the irish pub slash indian cuisine restaurant in san francisco…

    as an irish american who loves to visit india, this makes actual sense to me. the two have a lot in common aside fmor just being former brit colonies and the same colors on their flags. 🙂

  • Bah. What’s on tap?

  • He’brew?

  • This place sounds like it will be the bomb!
    People will be bursting with joy in this locale!
    The food will blow your mind!
    I think the popularity of this place will EXPLODE!

  • i’m shocked at the prices of the sandwhiches – very reasonable! can’t wait to try this place!!!!

    • Really? $8.50 for a turkey sandwich? I hope you’re joking. I’m sure it’s good but how about some deli prices? Taylor’s is more affordable.

      • You obviously aren’t familiar with the prices at high quality Jewish delis.

        • I am. Been to many. Haven’t paid $8.50 for a turkey sandwich.

          • Name them. Taylor is not. Turkey sandwiches at some of my favorite delis: Canter’s ($11.25), Langer’s (12.95), 2nd Ave. (14.95), Katz’s (14.45). I’m not saying this place is or ever will be on the same level as those delis, but you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • are any of these in dc?
          you cant honestly compare nyc prices to dc.
          well.. you can, but its means nothing to us dc folk.

  • but is it actually Kosher? I would like to grab lunch with an Orthodox friend. Anyone know?

  • How can the place be Kosher and Irish?

    • i dont follow. is that mutually exclusive?

      • Pretty much yes. There are a lot of pork and otherwise non-Kosher foods in Irish cooking.

        Remember that even a cheeseburger is non-Kosher.

        I can’t see them opening up two kitchens in the place and maintaining separate dishes and everything.

        Yeah, it’s possible, but odds are really against them.

  • I was thinking of opening a Halal English Pub across the street to compete.

  • I served in the Peace Corps in Mongolia and there was a combination Mexican-Indian place called Los Banditos. Mmm…nachos and tikka masala.

    I was also at the soft opening. I didn’t try any food, but the beer was good. I’m also half Jewish and half Irish, so I’ll be suing them for stealing my life story.

    • As another half-Irish half-Jewish, I am pretty excited to try this place out. Glad to know the beer and latkes are good!

      • what what. another 50/50 irish jew checking in.

        my rabbi said at my bar mitzvah that the lost tribe of israel landed in ireland.

        think he was playing to the crowd perhaps…

  • Interesting demographic on H Street NE now.

  • Taylor’s is a rip off!!!! Talk about 1-2 slices of meat and 1/2 head of lettuce!!!

  • The fried chicken livers, while surely terrible for me, were delicious.

  • Since Leopold Bloom was Jewish, this place should be interesting on June 16.

  • If this place makes a reuben as good as Deli City, they have a license to print money. Even if that sucks, I’m still all over the fried chicken livers.

    The dessicated turkey asswiches at Wall Street Deli are $8. You might find something cheaper at Subway, but then you’d have to deal with that weird wide-open ass smell at Subway.

  • As an American of Irish descent who basically grew up with Parkway Deli, I am 100% behind this. Wish I lived closer.

  • We had a great time Friday. Didn’t get a chance to try the food but they had a great beer and whiskey menu. My only complaint is they had mini pint glasses instead of the proper pints that Fado and other places have. The mini Guinness pints just don’t feel the same.

    • Yes! Proper 20oz tulip pints are crucial. Though they can lead to some sticker shock when a bar realizes they should probably be charging $7+ for that much of the black stuff.

      How much for a Guinness during the soft opening?

  • joke was already funny

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