Mt. Pleasant Temporary Library Opens, Looks Great

We learned that the Mt. Pleasant library has closed for extensive renovations and that a temporary library would open up on Mt. Pleasant Street for approximately 17 months. As you can see it is located at 3162 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW near the 7-11.  When I stopped by yesterday it had a nice open layout with multiple computer stations.  The computer stations, around a dozen or so, not seen in the photo below were already nearly full. I think for a temp library this one looks pretty good.

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  • I went to the Petworth temporary library for the first time earlier this week, and it was not bad! It was better than not bad! It was good! (In some ways, I liked it better than the pre-renovation Petworth branch. Give it a try, especially if you have a demand for kids books.)

    One good thing to come from my my self-imposed hiatus from the Petworth location was an exploration of some other branches. Ferinstance, the Lamond-Riggs branch (on S. Dakota, near Fort Totten metro) has a ton of kids books and a good space for wee ones to play. Their adult fiction selection was very weak, although I did find a copy of a new translation of Don Quixote that was surprisingly awesome.

  • That’s the nicest that building has looked since it was first built.

    How were the restrooms?

  • And the nicest thing to open on MTP street in 7 years. My question is: all the money the city spent on this nice build out. Do they get it back when they vacate the space? Or does the landlord get a nicely built out space to rent on the tax payer dime? Brand new duct work, windows, and masonry work just at first glance. And was this land lord like many on Mount Pleasant keeping rents at an unreasonable level before the city rented the space? Leading to a glut of vacant spaces in the neighborhood? Would be a shame for a crooked landlord to be feeding at the taxpayer teet. Just sayin.

  • Highly recommend the Cleveland park library if you are looking for a library to visit with kids. It’s Metro accesible from the Red Line. Then you can hit the Nam Viet or the outdoor garden behind Firehook Bakery for food, and visit the pet store to look at the cute birds or that little toystore next to the movie theater. All strollerable and sometimes the library has parking spots open. There is also a nice playground on Macomb between 34th and 35th street that is strollerable distance. Makes for a whole day’s outing!

  • I read somewhere (maybe dcmud or dcmetrocentric) that the temporary library would be available to become a commercial storefront once the library is complete. I’m not sure if the city is leasing this current space or if they bought it. If they bought it, they could easily turn a profit by selling it at the end. The buildout is top notch and really improves the streetscape.

  • and the market has indeed dictated that they are unreasonable. Which is why none of the vacant places on MTP street get rented. With the exception of this one. Which the city rented as they were in a pinch to open an interim library and they are spending tax payer money so unlike actual developers, small business owners they aren’t crunching their profit margines. Which was my point. That we are likely overpaying for the space and that we should get money from the landlord when we vacate the space for all the upgrades we put into their dilapidated space.

  • this looks so nice. why is the petworth library in a trailer?

  • @andy –

    Interim locations need a decent amount of space – there are not many available storefronts very close to the Petworth Library with that amount of square footage. It may also cost more to prepare a space than use a prefab.

    It’s a cheery trailer!

  • I’m also interested in the quality of the restrooms. It’s along my jogging route and would be a great place to drop one, considering the time of day I would be passing by.

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