Monday, April 19 meeting to review plans for 14th, Oak and Ogden Triangle Park

We last looked at this park when we took a look at the protest benches.

From an email:

“Please join DPR on Monday, April 19 at 6:00 p.m. St. Stephen’s Church (1525 Newton Street NW) to discuss improvements and answer questions for the 14th ,Oak and Ogden Streets Triangle Park.”

To see a bigger version of the rendering click here – dpr_14_oak_ogden_concept_201003

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  • This stretch of 14th St isn’t always the safest. Will this improve the loitering?…or just give the lurkers somewhere to hang out all day.

  • OK. I’m a white guy, and I live a few blocks north of this park. I was sitting on one of these benches the other day, waiting for my girl friend (we made plans to eat at the Mexican restaurant across the street), and within about five minutes, two police officers on bicycles came by, stopped, and stared me down (ignoring the 15 or so guys milling about around the other benches). I half ignored them, and then saw my girlfriend arriving and walked by them, crossing the street. I don’t think I looked very suspicious (no cash or packages in my hand, no leaning into car windows, etc), and was spending the time sitting down on a bench by myself soaking up the sun. Honestly, it was pretty funny being a working/middle class white guy being checked up on in a neighborhood for no apparent reason. Sticking out like a sore thumb in a black and latin neighborhood, perhaps this was an incident of “sitting while white” !

    • p.s. before anyone responds with a ‘being checked on for no apparent reason in a white neighborhood is a daily reality for black/ latin people’, let me state that I agree with you, and I am posting this as an interesting case of rare role reversal.

      p.p.s. In order to avoid standard “move back to the suburbs/ Virginia’ responses, let me state that I grew up in a crappy white urban neighborhood full of drugs, violence, and alcoholism, so I am not afraid of perceived or real crappy hoods.

      • I mean…. Shouldn’t it be obvious what’s going on here? Cops wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t check you out. Firstly, they think you’re potentially there to buy drugs. And secondly, they figure if you’re not you’re risking getting into an altercation with the regulars at this park.

        I too am a white guy who lives just north of this park. The neighborhood’s changing, and fixing this park up will pay dividends over time. The answer to create a better neighborhood isn’t to remove parks like this one, it’s to be patient and slowly change the culture of the neighborhood. We ought to play chess against the checkers players who hang out on this section of 14th St.

        • Saturday a few guys were either freestyling or reciting some sort of slam poetry. While it was a bit annoying, as long as they don’t bother me it’s all good. Wish they could make it prettier though.

  • Woot. This was first in the plans in, what.. 2006 or so? And it ALREADY almost in the final design stage!! Yeaaahhaaa!

  • Better lighting, please. And don’t even bother if you can’t add lighting to the alleys surrounding the park. The current tree (which the diagram shows them keeping) blocks the existing streetlight, casting the entire park in a shadow at night.

    Not having chess tables is a seriously wise call.

  • I hear you, but it is sad that a ‘white minority’ cannot sit at a park bench without arousing drug suspicions.

    Also, it is a sad statement about a neighborhood that just being white puts me in risk of getting into an altercation. I think I’m a reasonably nice guy, but I can handle myself in crappy areas.

    I agree that neighborhood improvement takes a while– the chess idea is a good one.

  • My friend who can see this park from his house says there is a constant stream of drug dealing there…and especially around the side of the large apartment building just north of it. It’s been redone once recently but I think until they convert the next door building into condos nothing will change.

    • That large apartment building just north of the park was “improved” by Jim Gramm for the tune of $50 million.

      Obviously it didn’t work.

  • Agree 100% with the better lighting idea in the alleys. That would be enough for me for now.

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