Mon. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)

This apartment is located at 737 6TH St, SE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This is a Gorgeous and Huge 1 bedroom located in the Heart of Capital Hill & is located in a 4 unit. Our building sit on a 10,000 sq ft grass hill making it perfect for pets. Walk to all the restaurants, Starbucks, Blockbuster, bars, Results Gym & Dog Park minutes away from our building. Unit comes with Parking as well and is walking distance to the Metro.”

I’ve recently become a huge fan of this location. Do you think $1945 sounds reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Nope. Way over priced (for what is listed.) It will end up going for $1600 at the most, including parking, etc. $1945 is 2-BDRM pricing.

    But don’t you just love the line \walk to…\ since, technically, EVERYTHING in DC is within walking distance. just matters how long you want to walk.

  • Seems overpriced to me. Like M said it is not a 2 bedroom. Also seems like “within walking distance” means a half a mile or so. Which depending on if you like to walk is ok, or like to drive it is ok too.

  • Speaking of walking, it would be a nice feature to add the Walk Scores for these listings. Both for-sale and rentals.

    • Is there a better site than to get the same estimates? is really inaccurate (and also says that there’s an IMAX at my address, so I can’t take anything on there seriously).

      • Awesome, movie night at Nichole’s!!

      • There are several IMAX theatres close to this spot — Air and Space and American History. Both very walkable

        • There’s a big difference between NE and NW. According to Walkscore there is actually an IMAX theater AT my address. Not nearby but AT my address. There’s a difference between something being within walking distance and something being AT an address where it is not.

          • WalkScore is the best in part by the category leader (basically inventing the category) if there’s a problem with the results you’re finding, email them. Google Maps and Foursquare and Yelp have similar problems, but through engaged online community — things get fixed.

  • My friend used to live right near there and her rent for a 2 bdrm was around $2800. It was in a newer bldg (that renovated school that’s right there) though.

    That said, parking there absolutely sucks, especially during baseball games, so that’s a huge, huge, huge plus. It’s really close to Results and Barracks Row; Eastern Market is more of a hike, but a lot of people that I know that live near there do it all the time and say it’s really not bad at all. It’s also not terribly far to everything that’s on PA Ave.

    The biggest drawbacks (which are pretty big) are how close it is to the highway and the impending CSX project on VA ave, which will have an open train tunnel running past your house.

  • Where is this, NYC??

  • Good God, no.

  • I just bought a place right on the other side of the highway from this. Great neighborhood, very convenient to metro and Eastern Market/Barrack’s Row (5 minute walk). The highway isn’t as bad as you would think, I don’t think it is much of a deterrent. I’m not up on how much rentals are going for in that area these days, but a couple years ago you could get a studio not far from there for $1650 so it’s probably not that off for a big one bedroom with parking.

    • It might not be too bad now, but when CSX rips the top of off VA Ave in a year or two (for 2 or so yrs) and you have tons of construction equipment and all the associated noise and pollution, not to mention a train running feet from your house (where it is legally required to blow its horn every time it passes through, no matter the time of day), I’d imagine that the noise will be quite a bit worse.

      • Thanks for the info, Nichole. I hadn’t heard about that – I’ve only recently moved to DC. That’s definitely important to know – thank you!

        • Check out The Hill is Home for more info.

          I just sent PoP a bunch of info on the project too. CSX has done an excellent job of keeping this project under wraps, and it’s definitely something that people need to know about.

          • Yes, but if you live in the area and frequent blogs like, you know about the csx project. I however did not before I purchased my place. Although it will suck, it is not permanent. It will also be on the other side of the highway from this place so won’t affect them as much as me (about 200′ from my front door, if that). Of course I’m in for the long hall and not a renter so I’ll live with it for a while as I have to and will wait for the new neighborhood to come into place.

  • Hum of the freeway no extra charge

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