Meet DC’s Newest Food Truck – El Floridano

Thanks to Paul for sending the good word about DC’s newest food truck. I swear I’m not becoming obsessed by food trucks, it’s just a coincidence. The truck is an old Postal Office truck that is got fixed up to transport food. I was lucky enough to run into the owner, Stefan. He told me that should all the permits come through, he hopes to be on the road in a couple of weeks. (I’ll update when the exact date is known.) He has spent a lot of time in Miami and thus the name El Floridano. The menu was inspired by his search for the perfect Cuban sandwich. Here’s the menu:

Couple of things to note, The Fidel is not named after Fidel Castro but a friend of Stefan’s named Fidel. Also note that there will be vegan options.

Sweet artwork on the truck as well:

UPDATE They can be followed on twitter here @FLmeetsDC

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  • unless the posted misspelling is intentional, i believe the menu item should read “banh mi”

  • So we’re clear, “classic cuban sandwich” does not equal “classic cuban dictator”?

  • Location ? Any regular stops ?

  • POP, please, I beg of thee, grammar check your posts! They’ll read more smoothly. “I swear I’m not becoming obsessed by food trucks, it’s just a coincidence. The truck is an old Postal Office truck that is got fixed up to transport food.” Should probably read “bsessed with” and “Post Office”…”that is got”? I, of course, still love your blog.

  • that would be “obsessed with”. burn.

  • $7 for a sandwich out of a truck? you can get three half-smokes and a coke for that….maybe even less. when lunchtime comes, i go for VOLUME.

    • Agreed. Too ironic for $7 sandwiches named after famous communists. They need to be named after famous capitalists!

    • Those three halfsmokes and a coke will also give you cholera.

      Dumpster diving is always free! Until “the man” starts charging for leftover kung pao rat.

  • I was going to patronize the truck until the post went out of the way to distance it from Fidel Castro. Now I’ll take my business elsewhere to a more politically palatable Cuban food establishment.

  • Seriously, a “Miami-inspired” food truck, with 2/3 of its main dishes named after communist demagogues? Many folks are going to take exception to that, regardless of whether it’s intentional/out of ignorance/”named after my friend.”

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Does the El Floridano food truck have a twitter handle? Would love to follow their routes once they get started. kthx.

  • I would think that if I opened up a kosher food truck and named my pastrami on rye after Adolf Loos (The famous Austrian architect from the early 1900s) and called it “The Adolf” people would probably have a pretty big problem (understandably). As a result, I think I’d avoid naming my sandwiches after famous people who also have the same name as notorious killers. Especially if I wasn’t predisposed to share the last name.

    Since the sandwich is simply named “The Fidel” I can only assume that this homonymism is intentional. It will certainly be controversial among the Cuban-American population.

    ***I am in no way trying to equate the crimes of Hitler with the crimes of Castro. I only drew parallels with the nomenclature to illustrate the absurdity of saying “oh no, its actually my friend Fidel… not the infamous former ruler of the country from which my food originates”.

    • Yeah, curse my parents for not naming me Jim or Dave. It’s unfortunate how I’m either the butt of childish jokes about my name (even to this day!!) or the cause of some well intentioned but melodramatic over-reaction. Seems either way my name is a problem…for everyone else that is.

  • I think that naming it the Batista would have been much worse than the Fidel. Not everyone hates Castro…

    • Pretty much everyone in Miami does.

      • No, half the abuelitos in Miami were part of the Batista system. Guaranteed that they all dislike Fidel–which makes the name choice inappropriate for Miami. But how many rabidly anti-Castro Cuban Americans live in DC? If it’s a good Cuban sandwich, I’ll eat it.

        Good Cuban food is one of the only reasons that part of my heart still belongs to FL. I will definitely be trying out El Floridano first time that I hear it’s near my office.

    • If they name it “The Che” dozens of kids who spend money promoting a communist hero will buy one!

    • Lots of sandwiches in places across the USA are playfully named after ruthless murderers aka past U.S. Presidents and military leaders. They don’t seem to lose business.

  • Wow! It’s a sandwich for god’s sake not a name for a new daycare center. I know the Fidel in question, and yes he does exist. I used to work with him.

  • Actually, the sandwich was named after me! Simply non-monetary payback for some web work and was my suggestion. Please, blame my vanity and/or odd sense of humor, not Stefan.

  • I think the Shark Jumper is the better name for food coming out of a truck nowadays.

  • Let’s be a fully cosmopolitan food truck,
    an equal opportunity food offender, and serve up some tyrannical:

    Stalin Solyanka Sandwiches,
    or a Hirohito Hero,
    Khrushchev Kvass or
    some Mussolini Milanesas;
    Maybe some Romanian Ceauşescu Chiftele
    or some good Francisco Franco Fabada.

    Kim Jong-il Kimchi or Pinochet Picorocos anyone ?
    Duvalier Du Riz a Pois with Trujillo Tostones
    Somoza Salpicón and Panamanian Torrijos Tamales
    Omar Bongo Coffee and Khan Cake

  • get your pc pole out of our !@#$. you guys are all so lame. take ur ivy league degrees somewhere else. oh, and, yes, i am ivy league. what? live life a little bit.

  • This is exciting. Good luck!

  • is the whole menu available somewhere? i don’t see what soups they have.

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