Judging Restaurants – Sauca Food Truck

Sauca’s Web site says:

“sâuçá is a unique new global lifestyle brand that combines food, travel, music, design, technology and fun into the most interesting new concept to hit the streets. The heart of sâuçá is about enjoying delicious, healthy, global foods in a new and exciting way, where sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are key to the full experience. Experience street food on a new level, inspired by snack vendors in India, railroad station vendors in Europe and the mobile taquierias of South America, and fun, interactive experiences that will change the way you think about food – and life!”

Any fans? Are you digging the expansion of food trucks in DC?

And I thought it was funny that the DC Slices truck bombed by right when I was taking a photo of the Sauca truck. Probably too early to judge them, but we’ll revisit them in a few months.

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  • I have bought lunch at Sauca twice – they came to Farraguet Square about once a week. Loved both of the sandwichs I bought. Once was a fish banh mi and the other was a BBQ beef. Several in my office, both vegetarians and meat lovers, have put the truck into our weekly lunch rotation.

  • Sauca is awesome. Their waffles are amazing. They just need to be a Metro Center more often!

  • I’ve always been crazy about specialty food carts and was excited to see Sauca launch right when I moved to DC a few months ago. I haven’t tried any of the entrees; I always opt for a toffle with Nutella, which won’t disappoint any sweet tooth. Also, good music and workers.

  • They’re always parked across the street from my building on days I bring my lunch!

    How long is the wait for your food? Are the lines long?

  • Sauca is great. They frequently result in my leaving the lunch I packed at home in the office fridge for an extra day. Their bread is great, they have great, home made sauces, and they think of great sandwich combos.

  • Sauca is really good! I have tried three sandwiches: pork banh mi, bbq beef, and beef shawarma. The Banh mi and BBQ beef were really tasty but the beef shawarma had an odd texture. My coworkers have tried other dishes. They say the vegetarian stuff is great; the only other negative review came from the mumbai chicken, which was sort of weird and definitely not as good as Fojol Bros, if you have had that. I agree that I wish they came to metro center more often, but 7 and F isn’t too far and they are there every Thursday.

    The bread is really tasty and the sauces are good too – esp. lobster bisque and hot sauce. I’ve never seen the line exorbitantly long, but I know they run out of certain sandwiches later in the day.

  • I am sure I would but none of them ever come to the Hill though I did catch Fojol at Eastern Market one weekend and it was good.

    Post had a write up and contact for DCslices, Fojol, Curbside Cupcake, etc.

    • Curbside comes to the Hill all the time, though it’s usually at the end of the day on their way home since they live over here.

      Fojol is here much less frequently but I’ve yet to see Sauca.

  • Been there twice- the popular Mumbai chicken was ehhhhh. It was fine, but not the most flavorful sandwich. However last time I tried the pork banh mi, smothered it in their various sauces, and wolfed it down. It was quite tasty. Their bread is delicious.
    Took a bite of a friend’s toffle and thought my teeth were going to fall out on the spot.

  • ha. I JUST wrote up a review of Sauca on my little blog. I liked the fish taco.

  • Excellent food. Well worth the wait. Secret is to arrive early!

  • well, i am excited about trying sauca, but not nearly as excited as i am about this little tidbit! http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/20/red-hook-lobster-moves-south/

  • is there a website to check where all the food trucks are on any given day? i never know when/where these trucks are going to be so i haven’t tried any out yet.

  • Most of them have twitter and/or facebook accts and post their whereabouts there. You can google to find them.

  • I tried Sauca outside of the Verizon Center downtown, and it was good. Even better is the Rebel Heroes truck (www.rebelheroes.com) which is currently in VA, but they said they’d be in DC soon. The roast pork bahn mi and tofu bahn mi were FANTASTIC! My husband had the cubano and said it was good too.

  • The Mediterranean wrap was delicious!

  • I have emailed them about going to the Hill area but have yet to see them there, and I religiously follow them on twitter.

  • I really liked the idea of Sauca, but the concept has kind of fallen short. I guess it’s really their service. They run out food and drinks quickly (before 1:00!)–hello, maybe you can carry more. Last time they forgot to sauce my sandwich and I didn’t discover that until getting back to my desk. Their waffles are too dense and overly sweet. I guess there will be other trucks now that the gourmet truck fad seems to be catching on here in DC.

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