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Mio is located at 1110 Vermont Avenue, NW. Their Web site says:

“Since opening in 2007, a number of great chefs drove Mio towards avant garde, four-star dining, leading to our maturation as a showcase for refined Urban Latin American cuisine. Signature dishes such as Bacalaito Coated Shrimp Salad or Oxtail Mofongo represent our open hearted attitude to delivering a fun experience with care and attention to unpretentious refinement. Mio’s recognized internal architecture is commented for its accessible elegance and clean lines and spacial freshness. The restaurant’s vibrant bar also showcases traditional as well as urban Latin American mixes and specialty cocktails such as the sweet/piquant rum Spicy Passion, and quite possibly the best Mojito in Washington, DC. The wine list is worldly and extensive, each wine carefully tasted by our staff familiar with our menu. The great beverage line ups partner with innovative happy hours specials and a compelling bar menu.”

You can see their menus here.

Any fans?

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  • awful. Went there for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. Our entrees came out cold. Like… cold. I complained, and the waiter said there was nothing he could do, as the manager was not working that night. Needless to say, I walked out.

    Huge pass on that crap fest.

  • Overpriced crap for food and drinks. I work right across the street and unfortunately we always decide to have business lunches there. You can get much better food for half the price at lots of places within a few blocks of there. I haven’t been since they transitioned to “urban latin american” food, although it’s possible that’s what they were trying for when I went and I just couldn’t tell because it was so uninteresting.

  • “unpretentious refinement”… “accessible elegance”… “compelling bar menu”. barf.

  • This is the only part of the quote you need to read:

    “Since opening in 2007, a number of great chefs …”

    Translation: we can’t keep a top toque in the kitchen long enough to build an identity so our operation has evaolved as a schizophrenic mess

  • Early on in its existence, my partner and I went there and had an excellent meal. Since then, though, it’s been fairly disastrous. A huge rotation of chefs coming and going, I wouldn’t recommend Mio to ANYONE these days. Someone needs to put the restaurant out of its misery and clear the space for something new to take its place.

  • Awful. I went there for restaurant week, and every single dish was bad. Not just bad at the price paid for it, but bad if it was given to me free bad. Plus for some reason I couldn’t make a reservation between 6 and 8 PM, even thoguh when I walked in at 7:45 there were exactly three tables with people in them.

  • The food is just OK, and it is really really loud. But is was loud because the two times I went the place was packed. I can’t figure that part out. Why go there when there are other places nearby that surely must be better.

  • never had their food. Went there for New YEARS HAD A BLASTTTT!

  • Wow, I was a big fan when this place opened. Haven’t been back and by the comments, I guess I won’t be.

  • Fairly decent experience there once on a Friday HH … seem to have a Puerto Rico menu with a whole roasted pig that day. I spoke to the owner (or manager?) and stroke me like a down to earth guy.

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