Judging Pop Ups – Room and Board

A reader sends word that they are digging the Pop up at Room and Board (The furniture store coming to 14th and T Streets, NW). This photo is a week old but I also think it’s looking really good. You can see what it looked like pre-pop up here. What do you think – thumbs up or down? I’ll try and update with a more current photo next week.

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  • Have you seen that as of this morning the entire north side of the building has been painted white! Over top of that great brick patterning that they had! Not sure I’m diggin that new addition.

    • I dont mind the addition at all. I actually like modern additions to old buildings like this. BUT I really hope they arent planning on painting the whole building. The raw brick is what makes the interplay of modern and warehouse work.

  • Is this really going to be a 4-floor furniture store? Or is the building going to be mixed-use? That is a *lot* of square footage to fill…

  • @Peter – the interior of the building is probably being reconfigured as 2 or 3 floors with very tall ceilings rather than 4 floors with standard ceiling heights.

  • Having been to Room & Board’s store in Soho NYC, I can say that they fill very large, loft buildings with absolutely beautiful display rooms and merchandise. I’m sure this one is going to be breathtaking, and in a league of its own among Washington DC furniture stores. Hope they do enough business to justify the store – loss of West Elm in the old Woodies building downtown was a real downer – and reality check on the furniture market in this city.

  • I’ll second Mike’s comment- the NYC store is enormous (and pretty fabulous, too…you can easily spend a couple hours there). West Elm closing up shop downtown was definitely a bummer. I bought a few things there and the store had a beautiful interior. And yet, given that most of their products all sort of looked the same, you could argue that they really didn’t have that great a selection despite being in such a cavernous space. Anyhow, I’m way more bullish on Room & Board doing well. They have a much more varied product line that seems tailor made for the neighborhood. And they have fantastic customer service. If you’ve ever had to take a day off from work to wait for a couch delivery, you’ll weep with joy at how good R&B is at stuff like that. They’re not super cheap, but you get a quality product. And no, this was not a paid endorsement, I don’t work for them (nor does my mother or anyone in my family). This is just my way of engaging in positive (retail) reinforcement.

  • Did you ever do a post on the cost to do a pop-up on a row house? I am thinking of putting one in on the back of my row house as a master suite (large bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom with tub and shower). Because it would only take up the back half of the row house, its presence wouldn’t be obvious from the street or sidewalk (if visible at all).

    Anyone have experience with this and know how much it would cost?

  • From their website:

    36,000 square feet and four levels of showroom including a newly constructed fourth floor modern space that offers spectacular views of Washington, DC.

  • Room and Board is a Minneapolis company, which is usually a good sign. I have their catalogue, and I am pysched about them opening here (I expect to drop a few grand as soon as they open….we have been putting off some purchases until they open). My real-estate agent raves about the quality of their furniture and their customer service.

  • Look at their website. They have a LOT of furniture. I am in need of some as I bought a place recently. I like what I see on the site but I don’t want to buy anything without seeing it in person. Any idea when this will open? Also does anyone know if the CB2 store in DC is getting closer to reality? I for one am glad we are getting some good furniture stores in DC at a time when not a lot of retail seems to be doing well.

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