Judging New Restaurants – Dickson Wine Bar

Dickson Wine Bar, located at 903 U St, NW has now been open for over a month and I’m wondering what are people’s initial impression? After only being open for a month they’ve gotten lots of good reviews on Yelp. How do they compare to Cork, Vinoteca, Room 11 and the others? For those who have been was there much of a wait for a table/seat?

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  • it is awesome. truly awesome.

  • A friend of mine told me that he started a night a couple of weeks back at Veritas and moved to Dickson. He said Dickson offered a couple of the same glasses of wine that had been at Veritas, but that Dickson charged $4 bucks more per glass.

    Don’t know if that’s true, just what I heard.

  • I liked the place–it’s pretty small and they let people share tables, but we (party of 4) didn’t have a problem getting a table at 7pm on a weekday. The wine and cheese were good, and the people running it were extremely nice. I only wish they had more food options, but that might be driven by their limited seating.

  • I didn’t scan these for overlap, but Dickson might be $1 more on average per glass:


    Veritas also does way too many wines by the glass for their stuff to be credibly fresh, and I’ve generally found it to be a loud douchefest. A good rule of thumb in DC is that chic, urbane looking places along major commuter arteries are going to be full of commuterfolk trying to feel chic and urbane for the night. Veritas also has the double indemnity of being on both the downtown – Bethesda trade winds and the NoVA – Lauriol plaza douchebag silk road. Dickson is far enough over in “here be dragons” territory to keep those crowds away.

  • The creme brulee is excellent.

  • I generally agree with @1:23pm’s theory of nightlife customers, though, when applied to Dickson, that certainly doesn’t explain why Dickson is more expensive (other than the dragon lands are quickly shrinking). Also, as another general theory, you get a lot less douchebaggery Sunday-Wednesday nights. And even less if the joint hasn’t been mentioned recently on this or other blogs.

  • pworthy

    Was there from about 9-11 on a Friday–shared a $31 bottle of wine, enjoyed some great banh mi (the pork), and found it not that crowded at all and a pretty mellow scene. Really liked it, will be back.

  • Really enjoyed Dickson, thought it was better than Vinoteca (which I like too). Cool atmosphere and an extremely friendly staff. I too agree w/ 1:23’s comment on customers. This isn’t the type of place being frequented by commuters.

  • I crammed about 10 of my friends in there. We had FANTASTIC service – our waitress was fun, knowledgable, and dealt with our rabble really really well (young african american woman, wish I could remember her name).

    The drinks were great. The wine was great. The champaign was great. The vietnamese sandwiches were out of this world. I think we ordered everything on the menu.

    It’s a bit small – probably would call it cozy if it weren’t so crowded – but we were there on a Friday night, so it’s to be expected.

    Definitely going again. We’ll request the same waitress if we can. 10/10.

  • I agree that the service is excellent. &, 1:23 is on the money – the crowd at Dickson is far less douchey than any other wine bar in the city.

  • sucks! people in here so pretentious. i go up the street to lounge of three and drink Patron instead.

  • I’ve been telling all my friends about this place. I went with a group and loved it. Everything was perfect — the food, the service, and especially the wine. I’m going back as much as I can!

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