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I’m still surprised how little buzz the opening of this new spot has generated. Perhaps they just don’t have the PR savvy of nearby The Passenger? Bar 7 (careful, link plays loud music) is located at 1015 1/2 7th Street, NW. When I’ve peeked my head in the spot looks quite nice. For those who have stopped how would you compare/contrast it with the Passenger?

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  • Bar 7 has to be better than The Passenger. I went to The Passenger once and I can honestly say I’ll never go back. Their emphasis on “craft drinks” works entirely against them because it take at least a half an hour to get a drink. Four bartenders on a Saturday night two or three weeks ago, and I waited between 30-45 minutes for a beer. I never would have stayed, but it was a friend’s birthday, so there wasn’t much of a choice. They really should have one or two bartenders doing craft drinks and the rest should just get people a damn beer in a timely manner.

    • Agreed, its a simply place but a little too loud and slow.

    • I’ve never been to The Passenger, but given the music playing on Bar 7’s website (and thanks for the warning, PoP, if I hadn’t turned my volume down that would have been very unpleasant), The Passenger has to be better.

      Plus, I’m a sucker for most anything that the Brown brothers do.

  • It’s their own fault for not getting buzz… took them two weeks to respond to my email. By then, I could have cared less.

  • I’ve enjoyed the Passenger for happy hour. They do make a great cocktail. I can see why it would be annoying on a Saturday night, but that’s why I generally don’t go to bars on Saturday night.

    Haven’t tried Bar 7 yet today.

  • Bar 7 is a totally different type of place than the Passenger. I love the Passenger, though I will admit that it is a far different bar on Saturday nights than it is on Mondays/Tuesdays. Definitely more of a weeknight place in my opinion….

    Bar 7 is very loungey, loud music, more of a dance-type establishment, while the Passenger is way more of a low-key and less pretentious bar.

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