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I know I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I like glass buildings but I’m digging this one (view looking north from the bridge walking towards H St, NE). I like the building itself, but I especially like how the tracks kinda veers around it. What do you guys think – thumbs up or down?

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  • It’s an odd one, that’s for sure… I look at it at least 3 times a day (my work building is in the left side of this photo!). While the structure is cool, I can only imagine that it’s a) very distracting to have a train that close to your office b) loud. Just my two cents as I’ve been thinking about it as it’s gone up. Seems like the vast majority of the new buildings in this area are glass-style.

  • I also ride past this on the metro: I think it would be very funny to look directly into metro trains as they pass within feet of your desk several times a day…there’s also a brand new Courtyard by Marriott next to the tracks in the same area…so imagine sleeping (or trying to) within feet of the metro, too.

    This whole area between Union Station and the NY Ave metro stops is pretty amazing…aka NoMa BID. You would never know there’s been a recession – it’s a giant neighborhood of office buildings mushrooming up all over the place on what used to be empty lots. Those of you who remember the Greyhound bus station being in the middle of nowhere…it’s now surrounded by brand new offices.

    • re: greyhound station. its funny how sooo many things in dc used to feel isolated and far away from anything before.
      not so much these days. NoMa isn’t my kinda place but it sure is amazing what they’ve accomplished there.

  • Thumbs up. What the hell? There’s only so much you can do with the height restriction in DC, not to mention the style restriction of such a conservative town and the restrictions (which I’m cool with) of historic districts, so I like almost anything that tries to veer out of the ordinary. Buildings most often turn their backs on the tracks. This one embraces it. I like it.

  • I tend to dislike glass boxes, but I like this one, mainly because it’s a “flatiron” tightly plugged into its triangular lot. Having one side of the lot formed by the railroad viaduct definitely enhances the effect.

  • I love it! It is available for condos or office space according to the sign out front. It would be awesome to build out a condo just the way you want it.

  • Interesting observation. Fifteen years ago Chinatown was like that. Now it is the Center of the Known Universe.

  • Thank you for posting this photo! When I was living in Silver Spring and commuting down the red line last year I saw the construction of this building and wondered what it would turn into. I dig it but there is a glass building similar to this one in Denver, CO that has open space around it to glorify the reflective glass even more. When passing this building viewers mostly encounter a darkened East side before they enter the tunnel leading to Union Station. It definitely livens the ride toward the underground, though.

  • I am not as refined as others. BANG ON BABY! me-likes

  • I love it – much better than the prevailing brutal concrete office buildings that are put up all over. I wonder if this is energy efficient/LEED certified though.

  • I would love hearing a train roar by instead of the honking and backing beep of a constant parade of delivery trucks and dumpster pickups which is my office window view/sound overlooking a service alley of restaurants and a strip joint…..

  • Many rooms of the Mandarin Hotel ($$$$) are 3′ from the train track…I wonder if when they make reservations they are offered “River View Room” or “Rattling Train Track Room”? The hotel is located at a spot where the trains are also required to sound their whistle!

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