Judging Backs of Rowhouses (Reader Request)


Thanks to a reader for sending in this one from 410 Florida Avenue NW. Any fans? Here’s what it looks like in the front:


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  • Horrific.

    Are they still working on this? Looks like there’s scaffolding… maybe this is the weird color pattern of some underlayment for the siding (like insulation board or something?

  • Love it. Very cool and unique.

  • Hate it. I like the front better.

  • I would hate it if it were facing a street, but given that they’re doing something fun with the alley – thumbs up.

  • I like it. I assume this was an addition with huge windows for light but jeez, that alley can’t be all that fabulous to look at and there A LOT of BIG windows to look at that view.

  • I like it. The colors remind me of that old-fashioned ribbon candy.

  • Looks okay, but how do you clean the giant windows? These are like my office windows, and they have a guy hang off the roof using scaffolding. Seems impractical for a single family home.

  • Looks stupid. They are trying too hard and will date very quickly. They could have used the money to do a nice renovation or buying a house in a better neighborhood instead of assing up the back of this house.

  • Those poor neighbors. It looks like this is a commercial building neighbored by 2 residences. I would be annoyed. And what’s that hanging from the ceiling in the window? Looks God-Awful.

  • While I appreciate the old, weathered, original brick on the right, I also dig this and would prefer it 100 times to the option on the left.

    • Dude, there’s graffiti on the front of the building with windows boarded up. Priorities?

      • looks like there are also a bunch of permits in the window which leads me to believe it’s a work in progress. I like the back, but I have and eclectic taste.

  • this sucks. its not like all the others.

  • Love the colors, hate the design. At least it’s better than some ugly pop-up on top or maybe this photo just doesn’t show one.

  • I live 2 doors down from this and I feel like it is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. This house has actually been converted into an architects studio. Being that the alley can get trashed sometimes by the pricks leaving the liquor store, it’s nice to have some color and a change. It is refreshing that some people are trying to take a chance!

  • It is a housing mullet. Business in the front par-tay in the back. I like it, simply because it is different and it is in the rear where the passing fuddy duddies can’t bitch about ‘housing values’ or some other conformist talk.

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