I Had To Share This Sign

I suppose I could be opening myself up to claims that I’m culturally insensitive but I don’t care. This sign is awesome. A friend of mine just took it in Olongapo, Philippines.

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  • They have the same sign at a yoga studio here.

  • Well there go my plans for the evening.

  • People in the Philippines are laughing at signs in the us, like the ones the tea-tards carry around so its ok

  • paa is feet. that area used to be a US military base. now it’s a trading center w lots of different cultures passing through…but mostly US. go figure

  • I wonder what management’s objection is to washing feet in the toilet? I mean, better the toilet than the sink, right? Maybe the sign should say “please dry the seat after washing feet”.

    • Haha I just tried to post almost exactly the same comment. I guess the web site realized that and decided to simply not post mine without so much as an error. Oh well now I won’t bother doing it again.

  • What I’m struggling with is why anyone would care if people washed their feet in the toilet? It seems the major problem there would be for the foot-washer, not the toilet.

  • Just for reference… it is Islamic tradition before prayer to wash one’s feet. So if employees pray at work, they would need to wash their feet.

    • yes, but assuming the reason behind washing one’s feet (for prayer or otherwise) is to clean them, then perhaps some other method that doesn’t involve bathing one’s feet in the residue of fecal matter and urine might be preferable?

      Amazing that the sign is needed at all.

  • You could say the same thing in some of the metro bathrooms as well.

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