Good Deal or Not? “Extra large crown/base moldings” Edition (Reader Request)


This house is located at 1200 Shepherd Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous End Unit Victorian w/ offstreet Parking! 100% renovated with all the bells and whistles. Beautiful kitchen w/ Viking fridge, Marble Ctps, designer distressed cabinets, & large island. Exposed brick, hdwd flrs, bay window. Master suite w/ dual sink vanity & built in night tables. Bsmnt unit w/ full kitchen, bdrm, 2nd washer/dryer hookup & sep entrnce. Extra large crown/base moldings.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I can see why a reader requested this one. I’m digging it on the inside and outside. What do you think of the renovation? Does $599,999 sound reasonable?

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  • well, it’s certainly clean…

  • Way too many photos, but an very handsome house. Good location too, but a lot of money for a house that size. They won’t get everything they’re asking, but they might get close.

  • Props on a lot of the finishes, and the better-than-average photography. But there are also some weird contrasts… I don’t think the subway tile goes at all with that style of cabinetry. Strange choice of flooring.

    I don’t think it’s worth quite that much at that location, but as always, would be thrilled to be wrong.

  • Is extra large crown and base molding really a selling feature? These things are pretty easy to install.

  • It’s cute but whats with all the roses? really?

  • I’m really digging this house. I have to totally disagree with anyone that is not digging the subway tile in the kitchen. I really think they did a great job on that kitchen. I think they will get that price or extremely close to it. Has parking and its that close to the metro. I think its a pretty fair deal, not great but no place near bad. I have seen much worse go for far more.

  • I usually like subway tile, but the same exact tile in the kitchen, the master bath, the guest/hallway bath upstairs, AND the basement bath is too much. The repetitiveness somehow makes it seem cheap to me.

    The master bedroom seems kind of small and I can’t visualize the upstairs layout at all. Seems to be priced a little high but not dramatically so.

  • I’ve seen comparable homes closer to the metro that I liked much better. I’m also not a fan of the lot, and that is something that can’t be renovated. But if you like the gutted-type homes it’s nice.

  • The addition in back (is that vinyl siding?) is awful and a dealbreaker for me.

    • it’s not vinyl…we walked up to it and knocked on it. I think it’s that fiber cement siding. we thought it looked really nice.

      I like the renovations a lot. Normally I would not go for a house that is fully redone like this but I think the finishes they chose are really nice. Love the subway tile and marble counters in the kitchen.

      It looks like a quality renovation and I think they will get full price.

  • the house seems nice. love the exposed brick, but not sure it’s worth quite that much, but I’m not that familiar with the area. I like the kitchen, but think it may be a bit to open but that’s simply my opinion.

    I agree with badger on the molding i don’t see how it’s a selling feature, it’s one of the easiest things to replace.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Thank you house flippers! This corner victorian had been abandoned for YEARS and had a super creepy 101 Mockingbird Lane vibe to it. The developer did an amazing job with this property, esp. if you can recall the state it was in prior. I’m not a fan of the back side vinyl but it sure beats a completely collapsed bump out which it replaced.

  • I pass this home every day & the siding on the rear addition is HardiePlank siding. I did some research & it appears that this material is 3-4 times as expensive as any other siding you can buy & It has a 30yr manufacturer warranty. I was impressed…

  • Most of the details look great. However, that master bedroom is very small. They did a great job staging it but it appear to be a full sized bed (not a queen) which means an even tighter squeeze with a queen bed. Great upgrades but again, seems small. Even the second bedroom seems like it has a dollhouse sized “kids” bed.

  • the master bedroom doesn’t seem to have a lot of room for funiture. any theories as to what’s contained in those built-in bedside cubes on the sides of the bed?

    otherwise, the renovation looks nice. interesting to note that on google street view, it looks like they tore out several trees from the lawn.

  • also, why no pics of the 3rd bedroom upstairs? Is it possible that it is even smaller than the kids room??

  • I think some young couple’s going to walk in with their Realtor when the morning sun is just bursting through those windows, and immediately write an offer. I can picture their giddy faces right now. Under contract in 2 – 3 weeks tops — unless, like AA says, the 3rd bedroom is a liability.

  • When they laid the sod, they just rolled it out and over a huge tree stump. then they ran out of sod before they finished the yard. it looks really bad. you would think they would pay attention to detail when trying to get such a high $/sq ft for the neighborhood.

    I am very grateful someone flipped this, though. It appears to have been abandoned for a VERY long time, and the old addition off the back looked like a potential hazard.

    it would seem to be a lot of money for the location, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone who was looking at rowhouse condo conversions south of spring street to see this place and realize they could have their own renovated rowhouse for the same amount of money a couple blocks north.

  • I looked at this house. The bedrooms are TINY, and by tiny, I mean besides the master bedroom, they are probably not even big enough to fit a normal sized single bed.

    Together, they make an average-sized bedroom.

  • It’s hard to tell, but I’m pretty sure this is a TINY house. The “great room” and kitchen are really not big and then the bedrooms upstairs are a joke. I’m all for having a master bath, but not when it means you can’t have a queen sized bed (or can but can’t walk beside it).

    The renovations are nice, with quality materials and details, but it seems like the should have focused more on maximizing the space than packing all the bells and whistles into a small small house.

    I have no idea if this is worth it, but dang it’s small.

  • So its a condo alternative with the need to possibly combine two bedroom upstairs to have one usable bedroom.
    I’m a bit worried about the quality of the behind the walls renovation work. A viking fridge and a Frigidaire range lead me to believe that the skimping and splurging could come back to haunt the future owner.
    The lot is an odd shape and that would in my mind take away value rather than add.
    If the flippers have the money to hold on to it for the right price then it could get close to asking ($525) but my guess is that it’ll be closer to $500 all said and done.
    Big question – is that basement apartment legal?

  • The first thing when I noticed when I walked in was I liked the Kitchen and was delighted by the quality of the appliances. They seemed to pay attention to detail. The picture provided here of the bedroom with the child’s furniture is actually the 3rd smallest bedroom. There is a 2nd larger bedroom with 3 windows which I’m sure you can fit a full bed in. I think the above comment about being worried about the behind the wall work because of the appliances being nice is silly. The house is on the smaller side, but I think the flippers did the best with the space.

  • I also don’t understand why you jam 4 bathrooms into such a small space. shouldn’t you deviate from the flipper renovation plan a bit when having two bathrooms on the top floor means making the bedrooms too small to be functional?

  • Most people like to have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on the upstairs level. If you take a look at 927 Delafield NW, that home only has 2 bedrooms upstairs and it is STILL on the market. When flippers deviate from the plan, it often comes back to bite them. I could agree that maybe there could have been 1 less bathroom upstairs, but maybe that bathroom would have been wasted space in a bedroom?? Id have to see the floorplan before I made a judgement.

  • It’s priced right. That’s a lot of house + off street parking, despite the smaller rooms. 600k sounds right to sell.

    The only problem I have with these refinished older homes, is that you never know what condition they are in under the renovations.

    Just because they put in the viking fridge, doesn’t mean the window headers haven’t been gobbled up by termites.

  • Renovations look nice, but the bedrooms are extremely small. The “child’s bedroom” is not more than a shoebox. Virtually no storage room, too many bathrooms, and no microwave in the kitchen. To get a decent buyer in, they will have to knock at least $40K off the price.

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