Garden of the Day (Reader Submitted)

That is a fresh tree. Does anyone know what type it is? If you have a garden you’d like to nominate for garden of the day please send me an email with a photo attached or an address where I can find the garden.

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  • not a tree; it is a wisteria vine.

    • Give Canadian a prize! Wisteria it is – a large agreesive climbing vine.

      There is a monster version of this same plant on the south side of a building next to the Russian Embassy on Connecticut Avenue.

      And they smell really strong too, almost grandma perfume like!

  • Anyone see the nice Royal Paulownia in bloom on NH near the Petworth Metro? Cool tree.

    Wisteria vine cuttings in order for spring patio planting, check.

  • Well, as said, it’s a wisteria, and yes, if it has been trained in tree-form, then it’s okaay to call it a tree. If it’s growing along a wire or pole, then it’s a vine. For those who want to grow them as vines, you would be wise to train it along a strong metal pole; wisteria will eventually crush flimsy wooden trellises.

  • Wisteria sinensis, beautifully pruned, probably at least 20 years old. Whoever owns it is doing a good job because it’s an invasive that can easily take over anything. (I agree with JohnnyReb)

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