Friday Question of the Day – What is your Dream Food Truck? Is it worth Dreaming of Food Trucks?

I’m not gonna lie to ya, when I found out that DC was getting a lobster roll truck in June I nearly cried with joy. Lobster rolls are among my favorite foods in the world. Yes, I’m aware I’m a bad Jew but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway it got me thinking of what food truck I’d most like to see next. Personally, I’d love to see a really good Gyro truck. But then it got me thinking, should I be this excited about food trucks anyway? Because a restaurant that has a good Gyro will always be there and I can find it whenever I want. But with a food truck you have to get a bit lucky, lucky in the sense that it comes relatively close to where you are. Or do you think it is worth hunting down the food trucks as they are pretty easy to find on Twitter?

I guess this is a two part question – first, what type of food truck would you most like to see come to DC? And second, do you think food trucks are over-rated? When you find one you like how easy is it for you to actually get food from them? Do you find them convenient or a tease?

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  • I’d love a truck that served masala dosa – it’s a South Indian dish made of of a crispy crepe made from rice and lentil flour, usually with a stuffing of curried vegetables (often potatoes and onions) and served with dal and Indian pickled chutney. Here’s a pic

    I googled and there’s one in Los Angeles called Dosa Truck – the site says it’s ommmmmmm good!

    • I’ll second that. My first thought upon reading the post was some kind of vindaloo-on-wheels would make me a daily customer for life… but it’s true, not many of our basic working-class curryhouses in DC have the dosa…

      as for the second question, hell yes it’s a convenience. what’s not to love?

    • Just ate at the Dosa truck here in Echo Park, LA yesterday. Its pretty good! Don’t be jealous though, you can get a much better Dosa at Amma Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown or at the Woodlands restaurant in Langley Park.

      • Mmmm, thanks for the tip…I haven’t had a dosa in a long time and was wondering where you can still get them in DC.

  • Quick heads up. One of my friends who’s an awesome chef is about to start another new food cart called the Floridian. I’ll let y’all know when it’s up and running. He’s still working on outfitting the truck, but it should be pretty awesome!

  • “Is it worth dreaming of food trucks”

    that kind of question, my friend, is exactly why this is the best blog in the city.

    • Indeed – the concept of “what is worth dreaming of” just flooded up my brain – luscious and ghastly.

  • I’d like to see something somewhat similar to what they have in Portland, OR…I’ve been there for a work a few times and they have parking lots set up where food carts set up for the day and some of them have some fantastic food. I realize the logistics for something like this in DC wouldn’t be easy to come by and would be on a much smaller scale, but if we had something like this you wouldn’t have to choose just one.

    • The trucks are actually there on a semi-permanent basis– they stay there for months, even years usually.

      Food carts are the number one thing I miss about living in Portland (where I was before here). The variety and quality of the food is just astounding. Burgers, Pho, all kinds of tacqueria, Indian, Czech (Tabor is restaurant-quality and beyond), BBQ, Thai, Lebanese… While there’s not as much unused parking lot space here as there is in Portland, there sure is a bunch that could be put to constructive (and delicious) use.

  • Bring back the Briggs Half-Smoke trucks.

  • Where did the Fojol Bros. go, I miss them dearly?

  • an in-and-out truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am from Texas, and the thing I miss the most is Breakfast Taco Trucks! There is nothing like getting a flour tortilla filled with egg, steak, potatoes, cheese, or anything you want and eating it at anytime.

  • i want awesome taco trucks everywhere!

  • I’d love one that sells real doner kabobs (not gyros, which I love), the kind you can get all over Germany and England. That’s one of the things I really miss about the time I spent living in Europe.

    • Came here to say this. European style Doner, not the fake DC stuff.

    • Isn’t a doner kabob when they serve you shavings off the rotating spit of mystery meat? From my time in London, I remember that its only something you eat when you are very very drunk and not concerned with what you are putting in your body. No one knows exactly whats in the meat, or how long its been sitting out on that spit. They definitely don’t put it in the fridge at night.

  • I want a Piroshky truck.

  • bagel trucks! with chive cream cheese!

  • I like the Philly carts that serve really good coffee, toast, bagels, eggs, etc.

    Seriously I just want a good food truck that comes to where I work…old DC General Hosp area. All we get is greasy nasty chicken and fish old oil fry trucks…blarrrrg!

  • amsterdam felafel truck!!!

    this would make me endlessly happy.

  • A truck serving “Tampopo”-inspired ramen noodle soup and pot-stickers (like the ones in that Bobby Flay’s “Throwdown” episode!!)

  • banh chuoi nuong!

  • I’d just like a truck (any truck) to come to the Union station area. We are so deprived over here! On the plus side, we are getting a Chipolte, so I can’t cry too much, but quite frankly, its about TIME!

    • I agree 100%. There’s such a dearth of decent food in this area. I get so frustrated with the food trucks that stay only in the downtown area where they already have a ton of choices (I’m looking at you, Sweetflow Mobile). And big thanks to Curbside and Sauca, who both make regular stops near Union Station.

      I had some delicious dumplings from a truck in NYC last weekend. They seem like something very easy to sell in this manner.

    • I imagine that Chipotle’s gonna be mobbed during lunch. If I ever go there, it will be on a late lunch day.

      Taqueria Nacional is closer to me and better than Chipotle.

  • Definitely some breakfast trucks. Cheap, good, and convenient. Danishes, bagels, coffee.

  • A real Ramen, katsudon or udon truck, with the real stuff like back in Tokyo, not the crap stuff you get at every \Japanese\ restaurant in this town…

    • Seconded. I would kill for a decent katsudon in this town…

      • I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but endo sushi near clarendon’s iteration is quite delicious.

        • Never been, I’ll check it out, but if it’s like every single other Japanese restaurant in this town it focuses primarily on Sushi. Japanese food is a lot more than just sushi. And I am tired of sushi. Give me katsu curry, or at least a good izakaya that serves beer and various little fried Japanese foods, rather than yet another sushi bar…blech!

  • I want a Tandoori Chicken Truck being followed by a Heineken Truck.

    • Would a Baltika #6 and yakitori truck be too strange?

      But seriously, I would love to see a Japanese food/drink truck driving around.

      – Calpis Water (5+ flavors)
      – Yakitori
      – Onigiri

  • Russian River Brewing Company Truck making a weekly delivery from Santa Rosa. Worth the subsequent open container arrest.

  • +1 for breakfast tacos! also: a banh mi truck (something like Lulu B’s in austin) would be nice.

  • I just want thhe Oscar Meyer truck with Bacon in it..! Heart Attacks delivered right to your door step.

  • and Jackie Chan would be in it (Wheels on Meals)

  • Whyyyy in a town with so much great Ethiopian food is there not an Ethiopian truck? If I could get Ethiopian takeout for lunch once a week, my life would be complete. Or at least way awesomer.

  • Been to Kushi yet? I have nothing to compare it to, but it held itself out to be an authentic izakaya and was really good.

  • does anyone remember the worksite chuckwagon that had the crazy hapnd painted and hand lettered signage with the image of what looked like a cross between mr t and bart simpson?

    it used to park in on of the parking lots near the wmata bus terminal on bladensburg. i guess it hit various sites during the day, but thats the only place i ever saw it.

    it had a million items. and hand written. i never ate at it, but it always made me laugh.

    late 90’s ish.

  • OMG! Yes. Exactly! This operation… but on wheels 🙂

  • Hey, PoP you know what would be nice… a posting of all the food trucks out there that have twitter feeds. Just saying… it’s hard to keep track with so many options!

  • I have been talking all week about starting a taco truck… we would do breakfast and lunch. I just got back from Mexico and now I’m obsessed with starting one! Now I just need a few things… like a truck, start up funds, permits… you know… all the minor details. ha!

  • We are big fans of pizza…

  • @districttaco is a great breakfast/lunch taco truck. they are currently doing rosslyn, crystal city, and the courthouse farmers market in arlington….i know arlingtion, but my wife to be works nearby and LOVES their stuff. If you are near dupont circle to have to go to The Big Hunt,(Tomitillo Taqueria) is serving one of the best tacos in the city through the window. 11-2pm.

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