Fri. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)

This rental is located at 220 Allison St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“1 bedroom apartment on the second floor”.

Not a lot of info but the reader writes:

“This caught my eye on Craigslist, it’s near Rock Creek Cemetery and not far from Grant Circle. I wonder if the cemetery makes for a good neighbor?”

Does $890 per month sound reasonable?

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  • I would consider being wary of this. This particular property has been on Craigslist for at least three months–which at that price is a bit of a red flag. I called the management company (FASDC) and asked the receptionist how their showings worked and she was very mean about it. I didn’t particular care for her attitude so i moved on.

  • The Cemetary makes for a great neighbor, but the thugs who live in this area, and possibly this building do not.

    Cavet emptor

    • My place is about two blocks away. There are “thugs” in every neighborhood, but when you live there they are your neighbors. I have had fewer problems in the neighborhood then when I lived in DuPont.

      The cemetery is great for a walk and if you have a dog it is good to let them run around. I like the neighborhood; and if the apartment is clean this price is more than fair.

      • The above post should read:

        My place is about two blocks away. There are “thugs” in every neighborhood, but when you live there they are your neighbors. I do not have any issues with my neighbors, even if YOU see them as thugs when you drive past. I had MORE problems with my neighborhood when I lived in DuPont.

        The cemetery is great for walking and if you are a dog owner the cemetery is great to let them run around, just be respectful. I like the neighborhood; and if the apartment is clean this price is more than fair.

  • I lived a block over for a year and a half. Nice neighborhood, but that building seemed a little shady.

  • Not perfect but for that price I can manage on my salary. I would love to have a three story row house but for some reason this thing called “reality” prevents me.

  • I was looking for an apartment back in 2007 and I found this building on Allison street and have been seeing them on craigslist every time I do some checking around .I was glad I was refused because that is a rough neighborhood .
    It is notorious for crimes just check the list-serv for 4D. The on site manager gave me a tour and then told me to ask for a certain person at the rental office. I could never contact that person maybe that was a code for them to reject me when I asked for that certain person. But the place is at somewhat of a dead end with the entrance to the cemetary next door and it is quite dark on that street with a busy alley that connects it to Webster street

  • I don’t know the landlord for the building, but the neighborhood is quite nice (I live a few blocks away). I just met a neighborhood friend and we walked our toddlers and dogs up to the cemetery this afternoon. The cemetery is fine (and locked up like tight as a drum after dark). The block has proportionally more car thefts than other close blocks, but otherwise, it’s fine–no more muggings or other thefts than anywhere else (probably more quiet). There are plenty of families and kids who live in that building and plenty more in the surrounding houses. Don’t be put off by fearful people who don’t live nearby. The fences are rusty and there’s some litter, but welcome to the city. As I say, get a club if you plan to park on the “dead end” by the cemetery gate, but I seriously suspect the car thefts are from/by folks who know each other and know each others’ components. Good luck.

  • I looked at this apartment building when we moved to another FASDC managed building on 3rd. (Which most of the people here on PoP would be probably have found dangerous, and overcrowded. Personally? It was the best building we lived in with the nicest neighbors and a a lovely little back porch with a view of the Cathedral. Sure there was gunfire in the summer, but such is life. Never felt threatened by it.) ANYWAY. The manager of this building shown here was a sweat heart, we just felt it was kinda far away from stuff. And a basement unit with carpeting. The apartment we found was second floor with 10 foot ceilings and a porch. So took that one. Was rent controlled under 800 for the entire time.

    I recommend FASDC they have a ton of buildings and are really easy to work with. Lots of rent controlled buildings, but always repair things quickly.

  • this neighborhood is not rough at all. ive lived down the street for over a year and walk my dog in the cemetary 3 times a day. great street, and never seen any problems with folks in that bldg.

  • So weird to hear people talk about thugs and car thefts on this block. I’ve lived in a house on the 300 block of Allison for over two years now and find it to be a very safe, VERY quiet, very friendly neighborhood. The occasional weirdo almost crime thing happens (police looking for child suspect?) but all in all the block is very quiet. However, I don’t know anything about that building in particular.

  • I work in this neighborhood. It has been on craigslist for a long time, but sometimes that happens around here. My guess is it’s just the fact that it’s not near public transportation. There are a lot of apartments priced similarly in the neighborhood…which is actually a good deal if you enjoy quiet.

  • Um, it’s totally near public transportation, you can catch the bus on New Hampshire and Petworth Metro is not far. Unless you want to fall off your porch into the escalator shaft it’s totally doable. Might be a bit far to lug groceries without a car though.

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