Fred Smoot Still Talking About Bringing a Waffle House to 14th and U Streets, NW

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Back in October ’08 we first heard plans of Waffle House coming to DC by Washington Redskin Fred Smoot. This morning on the DC Sports Bog he repeats the claim:

“”The thing about it is, D.C. loves me as much as much as I love D.C.,” Smoot said. “I’m always gonna be a part of D.C. I’m actually in the process of starting a couple businesses up here. I’m bringing Waffle House to D.C. — I think they’ve been yearning for it for a long time. My first location is right off 14th and U, so I’m gonna always be back and forth here, and D.C. know I love them.”

Thanks to a reader for sending the word. Do you consider this good news or bad news? Since we first heard about it a couple of years ago, what are the odds that it’ll actually happen?

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  • Smooooooooot

  • I know some people love it, but it will always be the Awful House to me. And I used to live in the south.

  • I consider it pretty unlikely.

  • WaHo coming to DC would be better than voting rights, gay marriage, and a new juvenile justice system all rolled into one. I can’t count how many times WaHo saved my life from the misery of a bourbon-induced hangover while living in ATL. Only problem is the demand: it would have to be a mega-WaHo becuase the crowds would be worse than Ben’s on a Fri/Sat night. And speaking of…I would never have to endure the aftermath of Ben’s chili the next morning!

    Of course, the odds of it happening are just as likely as voting rights and a new juvenile justice system. But hey…its possible. We have gay marriage!

  • know what is something you never hear in a waffle house?

    “good job cleaning up guys”

    • yeah. I think their idea of cleaning is to just hide urinal cakes around the place. Cause they always smell like dirty bathrooms.

  • What would be even better: BOJANGLES!!

    • A Bojangles in DC city limits would be awesome and would probably make a killing once people got a taste of them. There is, however, one in Oxen Hill MD and one in New Carrolton MD. Depending on where you are in DC they are at most a half hour away.

      • + 1 times 1000
        Bojangles is 10 times better than Popeyes…and I love Popeyes.

        Waffle House, on the other hand, is just plain nasty.

  • My chain desire: Chick Filet. Why is there none in DC save for the GW cafeteria? That’s just crazy. Chick Filet in DCUSA would KILL it …

  • Um, didn’t DCRA roll out a moritoreum on new dining establishments on 14th Street?

    • me

      Nope. They extended the number of food establishments to 30% for the Arts Overlay District and they’re talking about upping it more in their June meeting.

  • call me unenthused. Whats next a cracker barrel? bleh. some stuff hasn’t made it here for a reason. And not to start another anti chain war. But isn’t part of the allure of waffle house that it ISNT here? I mean. its not the food, cleanliness and service. its the novelty. It’s fun to go someplace else and see something different. I know I know. Im just an anti chain hippie.

  • I can’t even imagine who you’d see working the night-shift at a DC Waffle House. Especially one owned by Fred Smoot. There is all-time great people-watching potential in this idea.

  • I’m only for it if it has the special jukebox with all the Waffle House songs.

    Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped and diced, please.

  • While I applaud Mr. Smoot’s move to bring a Waffle House to 14th and U (hopefully right next to Marvin so the wondrous smell of hash browns and waffles fills the bar), I am still quite upset that we lack an ARBY’S!

    Mr. PoP, whom must I consult with about this continued injustice?? If we don’t see an ARBY’s soon, I’m afraid this may happen

  • are there any Waffle Houses in cities?
    i’ve only seen them in rural and suburban areas.

    a 24hr diner in that area of the city sounds like a winner. waffle house, or whatever.

  • While I love Waffle House (I am from North Carolina, after all), I think the Florida Ave Grill has the greasy spoon market cornered.

  • While I love waffle house, I think the Florida Ave Grill has the greasy spoon market cornered.

  • Regarding Ben’s Chili Bowl and late night crowds, I don’t even understand why anyone puts themselves thru that. All it takes is a record of leaving decent tips and getting to know the staff. It doesn’t even take that much extra effort, but every time i go there late at night with friends, as soon as I’m recognized at the door we get ushered immediately to a table in the back room, and served as if it’s a regular service restaurant. And they bump our food to the front of the line. We’re eating within 2 minutes, tops. I’ve even eaten way back in the back kitchen before, when there was nowhere else to be immediately served. Once during the blizzard i left a scarf there, and a month or so later i was walking down U street and a Ben’s employee recognized me, chased me down, and handed me my scarf (they’d been keeping it safe for me).

    I don’t understand why more people don’t realize that if you grease a few palms you don’t ever have to wait in lines and stuff. Although maybe i shouldn’t be giving away my secret.

  • Dear Smoot, please bring Waffle House to H Street. We need a hangover restaurant!

  • I think a Waffle House anywhere in DC is a terrible idea. It’s a novelty. That’s it.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love it, too! And the drive down to Dumfries, VA (which is the closest one) is great fun. But, the drive back, however, is not… unless you enjoy having explosive diarrhea.

    Someone already mentioned this, but I if you really want greasy spoon/awesome diner, go to Florida Ave Grill.

    • Not that it’s any closer, but they have Waffle Houses in Frederick, Murlin as well. Nice for a day trip (to the antique shops, not the WH!), but not worth the drive just for greasy food…

  • What we REALLY need is a good bagel shop in the area!! Where the heck are all the bagels people? A bagel place in DCUSA or anywhere on U sst/14th st would be AMAZING. So, if anyone out there is thinking of starting one up, I promise I’ll come every day!!!

  • Florida Avenue Grill sucks. So does Waffle House. So does International House of Pancakes (What IS that crap? It is NOT maple syrup.) Actually the food at The Diner on 18th is not very good either (can we get some good fries, please?) Maybe something like the Open City in Woodley, it’s run by the same folks who are making a killing on The Diner and Tyrst but the combination of good coffee and pretty good food makes it perfect for that corner.
    And now what we need is come competition for Qualia so they will step up their food game, like maybe a Java House in Petworth?

  • are u kidding me? this, along with denny’s and ihop, is the worst possible choice for a restaurant on U st. Put it in Adams Morgan.

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