Door(s) of the Day


Sadly, PoP has been experiencing some technical difficulties this week. Most of the issues have been cleared up but I’ll be upgrading to a new server this weekend to further improve the capability. All that is a preface to say because yesterday was a cluster flock you get two doors of the day today. Hurrah! And thanks so much for your patience during a bit of spotty time. I hope you enjoy these doors as much as I do…


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  • I love Door of the Day on Pop! We’re in the market for a new front door and it surprisingly hasn’t been easy to find something we like.

    Do readers have contractor and/or manufacture recommendations? Wish list: a solid wood door (no fiberglass, no vinyl, no metal, no mdf) with a half or 3/4 length clear glass window. Mail slot in bottom. Must be a secure entry door, not a patio or french door design. Something traditional for an early 1900’s row house.

    Can mail slots be added to a solid wood door after it’s manufactured? Many doors these days have ornate woodwork and framing at the bottom of the door which doesn’t allow room for a mail slot. Thanks.

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