Dear PoP – Where to Donate Clothes?

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“Dear PoP,

Do you have any suggestions on places that will take clothes donations? I have a few bags of used but decent clothing that I’d rather donate than toss but every thrift store I’ve tried has turned me away. Any suggestions?”

What about those yellow boxes that are all over town? (On 18th St, NW south of tennis courts, on U St, NW near Vermont, just north of Upshur and west of Georgia Ave in Petworth.)

Who do you guys use?

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  • Tbe yellow boxes go to another country, somewhere in South America I think. Goodwill and SA usually take anything. I saw a sign at the thrift store near the Argonaut that said “we accept clothing donations”

  • The box just north of Upshur recently disappeared. Anyone remember the company on the yellow boxes, so that perhaps we could look up where the boxes are? I have some stuff to chuck too.

  • I recently dropped numerous bags of clothes (and some other kitchen, living room, office supplies) at the Goodwill DC headquarters drop location ( They were incredibly helpful and nice – plus it was fast and easy.

    Along time ago there was this article about Planet Aid and all their drop boxes:

    I wonder what might have changed in the last few years?

  • salvation army is a good way to go. you can call and schedule a pickup of clothes. they will come to your house and get them, its great!

  • I’m in the middle of a move and just dropped a TON of items off at Georgia Ave. Thrift. It’s pretty simple, they have 2 big bins by the front door where you can leave all your stuff. Just make sure you grab your tax deduction forms on your way out…

  • This is actually very timely. I live in downtown Silver Spring, and the yellow box that used to be at Thayer & Fenton (across from the ghetto Safeway) disappeared. I’ve got a big bag of clothes sitting on my floor, and I don’t know where to take it.

  • The Martha’s Table (14th and V Sts. NW) has Martha’s Outfitters. They accept clothing donations from 7:30am to 12 Noon from Tuesday to Saturday.

  • Watch out for the yellow Planet Aid boxes – they are apparently a scam

    The ones by the tennis courts in Adams Morgan are something else, so I use them.

  • I love Martha’s Outfitters,too. We like knowing that our donations benefit a great community non-profit.

  • Host a clothing swap party! We have them every few months at our house with friends. You just have everyone bring old stuff that is still in good condition. Then people just go through the stuff, take what they want and leave what they don’t. People get new clothes without spending any money and then the leftovers we take to Goodwill on South Dakota Ave NE? (right before it turns into route 50).

  • I usually donate my clothes to Central Union Mission off 14th and R st

  • Someone else said it, but I’ll give it a second mention – Georgia Avenue Thrift store. Just dump it in the bins just inside the door. Or, take it around the back and they’ll help you unload it if you’ve got furniture or large items. They don’t automatically offer receipts, but I’m pretty sure they’ll give you one if you ask. I don’t know that they sell absolutely everything (I understand that donated clothes to thrift stores that don’t sell often end up being sold in bulk and shipped to Africa… of all things), but I’ve never had them refuse anything.

  • The Goodwill donation center at 10 S. Glebe in Arlington is really easy to drive to, and they have giant bins right in the parking lot with really helpful employees to help you unload your vehicle. Afterwards, you can also reward yourself for being a good Samaritan with lunch at Thai Square right down the road.

  • I always take my used items to Goodwill, either to the DC headquarters as listed above or to the donation center at 10 S. Glebe Road. Both of these locations are quick and easy.

  • Miriam’s Kitchen takes men’s clothes and puts them to very good used. Directly distributed to homeless clients.

  • In addition to GA Ave thrift store, you could offer them on freecycle – I just had someone offer to pick up a bag of clothes last weekend.

  • Women’s suits and professional clothing (in good shape, clean, etc.) can be donated to Suited for Change, a really great non-profit that helps low-income DC women obtain jobs.

  • martha’s table (14th just north of U) takes clothes in good condition as long as they’re in season

  • I usually drop stuff of at the salvation army on Kenilworth Ave which is in like Hyattsville I guess. if you drive around back, they have trucks and guys who will load your stuff into them and give you a receipt for tax purposes. While you are there, you can go inside the thrift store and buy some cheap vinyl albums (crap, I should keep that to myself so I dont have competition).

  • bread for the city! at least the SE location

  • I have no idea how we got on their list, but we get a call from the National Children’s Center every couple of months. They’ll come and pick up ANYTHING you have to give away (except maybe furniture). According to their website, you can schedule a pickup:

  • While we’re on the subject:

    A Wider Circle ( will accept furniture donations. They’ll come around and pick it up for you.

  • There are a lot of unfounded rumors about Planet Aid. It is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has partnerships with large organizations and foundations with strict requirements like USAID and the USDA.  To learn more about Planet Aid and the programs it supports, you can visit

    The Planet Aid Web site also has a “find a box near you” tool.  Just plug in your zip code and go.
    Tax-season just ended but you can always contact your local Planet Aid office for a tax-deductible receipt.

  • There’s a website called Donation Town that will show you all the charities in the DC area that will pick up clothing donations (also household goods and furniture donations). Check out to schedule a donation pick up with the local DC charity of your choice.

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