Dear PoP – Is This an Alley Park?

“Dear PoP,

Notice the (seemingly) shared space between all the houses on the 100 block of U and V? Any idea what’s going on? I’ll be honest – my mind’s a little bit blown.”

You have found Bloomingdale’s hidden gem – Crispus Attucks Park. My mind was equally blown when I found it. You can see a few more photos here.

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  • That’s really cool. Just imagine how nice it would be if every rectangular residential block in the city had a park like that between its alleys.

  • I just moved to the neighborhood a few months ago and knew this park was here, but with all the snow we had during the Winter, I never got a chance to see it up close. I finally walked through it yesterday and I was very impressed. Nicely landscaped, quiet, well-maintained…simply beautiful. It really is a neighborhood gem and I will be hanging out here a lot during the warm months ahead!

  • I’m not sure they’re all that open to people using the park if you’re not from the immediate area. I’ve gotten mixed signals when I’ve walked my dog around back there. Does anyone know what the legal status of the park is? Is it public or private property? Is it private property, but like a shopping mall, there’s the reasonable expectation that it’s open to the public so long as you do not interfere with others’ use or break rules?

    • the “mixed signals” might have something to do with the “dog free zone” written on the sign visible in the picture.

    • As Andy quoted from the website, the park is owned by Crispus Attucks Development Corporation, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. The bylaws require a proportion of the board members to be from the homes that direct surround the park.

      The park is considered a “private community” park, in that it is privately owned, but available for community use. Your last line is spot on–it is open to the public, but we are all asked to not interfere with others and follow park rules.

  • Crispus Attucks Development Corporation (CADC) is the nonprofit, 501(c)3 community development organization that owns and oversees Crispus Attucks Park. CADC is an all-volunteer organization. Nine volunteers currently serve on its Board of Directors, which has a maximum of fifteen seats. Board members serve three-year terms, while officers serve one-year terms…

    More here:

  • “I Finally Found Crispus Attucks Park” back in June 2009 – old news PoP.

  • Point of clarification: The park is located between the houses on the Unit blocks of U and V NW (not the 100s) and between 1st and North Capitol NW.

    CADC has some great history of the space up on its website:

    I’ve lived in a house that faces back onto the park for over five years, and the park (and all of B’Dale) has come an amazing way.

  • It is my understanding that it is collectively owned by the homeowners surrounding it, but under their agreement with the District to maintain it as a public park, they cannot deny you equal access to the park just because you don’t live in the block surrounding it.

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