Dear PoP – Has 24/Seven Closed?

“Dear PoP,

On Sunday night I noticed that the windows were covered up with brown paper. This morning the establishment appears to be closed for good.

It was a greasy spoon/falafel shop that was open late nights on weekends and mornings on weekdays. It had been around as long as I could remember. I’ve lived in the area for 23 years. The address is 1408 U Street, NW.

Their hours had been becoming erratic lately. On some mornings they were not open for breakfast. This was surprising, given that 24/7’s weekday customers were mostly Reeves Center employees. It never was open 24/7.”

Wow, this is pretty big news as I remember there were tons of fans of this place. When I walked by there wasn’t anyone I could ask to find out if they are closed for good or simply remodeling. Anyone here happen to know?

Folks were big fans of this place, weren’t they? I’ll be sure to update as more info becomes available.

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  • Whaaaaa??? I stopped by on Friday night for a shawerma on my way home and it was delicious as always. Please tell me it hasn’t closed — we need all the delicious take-out places we can get on U Street. (McD’s doesn’t count.)

  • Just saw that tonight when I rode past. So bummed – they had great falafel and were really friendly.

  • Awwww that sucks! liked that place. It was one of the few simple, cheap, good food places in DC. Tons of places like this outside the District, but fewer everyday right here.

  • I dont party like I used to but man that place was my go-to after last call. Excellent falaf/ lamb platters. Tasted like home cookin. Great way to end the night.

  • I’ve called them twice and no one answered the phone (in the afternoon and at night) – but a commenter on my blog says he saw construction workers working behind the paper the other night, so maybe it’s closed for renovation?

  • I hope they are just renovating! I really liked that place. You could get a lot of food, for little money, and they served you on real plates.

  • Maybe the fact that they gave you a lot of food for a little money on real plates was simply not sustainable for the business! Times are tough!

  • I frequented the place occasionally in the evenings for quickie falafel sandwiches (not great falafel, but a good value for the money) and was almost always the only customer there. That’s generally not the hallmark of a profitable business, particularly on a corridor where increasing trendiness likely means increasing rents.

    • I think they do [did] most of their business in the breakfast/lunch hours – mostly Reeve’s Center DC Gov staff.

  • He is just renovating. He will be open in 2 weeks.

    I really, really hope this is the case – I’ll miss 24-7 a hell of a lot if they’re gone for good.

  • Looks like they’re still closed – and maybe gone for good?

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