Dear PoP – Advice Installing Porch Swings

“Dear PoP,

We live in a row house of a design that seems to be very common in Park View and Petworth. We are looking into installing a porch swing, and I wonder if any of your readers have any experience hanging either or a swing or anything else from their porches, and have any advice about. I’ve seen people standing on the roof of their porches cleaning off snow so I assume there is something in there sturdy enough to hand a swing on.”

Yeah, these are common all over DC. Does anyone have experience putting one up?

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  • We have a porch swing…just hung from some heavy duty eye bolts from a beam in our porch roof. My only advice is to make sure there is room to actually swing…ours hits the fence behind if you swing too far, which kinda defeats the purpose…

  • Here’s a tip. Go to a junkyard ask them for a pair of hood springs from an old Cadillac or Oldsmobile. Screw the eyebolts into the ceiling in your roof (be sure to hit a stud/rafter), hang the hood spring from the bold then hang the swing from the spring. Makes for much more comfy swingage.

    Good luck.

  • +1 on what PetworthRes said. Worked fine for us.

  • Does the swing keep the mosquitoes at bay? I bet they can keep up with even a porch swing.

  • You need to hit studs, is the big thing. Your studs probably run back to front (from your house to the street.) Get a stud finder and yes, as Petworthres says, eye bolts will do the trick.

  • We did as Ross suggests 5 years ago, and its still swinging as far as I know (we moved). Doesn’t necessarily take care of mosquitoes, but a decent swing will keep you a little cooler. Also, I highly recommend having the swing face the street, rather than hang perpendicular to the house, if you have the room. Makes for better view and you get to keep your back to the house.

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