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  • This entire list is discredited by the lack of inclusion of Beer Table in Brooklyn. 🙂

  • I was there last night. It was too crowded and noisy. The space is quite beautifully appointed but I found the people to be pretty annoying. Everyone was oh so fashionable and good looking. If you want to see and be seen, this is the place for you. The beer list is lengthy and good but it’s not worth it for my money.

  • despite the crowd upstairs (downstairs is far more civilized), it’s still unmatchable for a beer lover. pay no attention to the beautiful people drinking stella – keep your head down and enjoy your rauchbier.

  • I hear you on the people, but it’s the place to be right now so you’re going to get numpties in there (on my first visit I saw some d*ckhead chain drinking vodka & cranberry. You should be punched in the head at ANY bar for ordering that, let alone Churchkey. But I digress…)

    Go on a Sunday afternoon at 2 with a newspaper, try all the cask ales and enjoy one of the best bars I’ve ever been in. And I don’t make those pronouncements easily.

  • The downstairs bar is quieter, has that neat looking “beer pipe organ” and often has a few seats when the upstairs is packed. Love that place and the food rocks too. They were doing some kind of fantastical dessert platter, too bad I was too stuffed to order it.
    I’d love to hear some recommendations from people on other places they like that are walking distance from ChurchKey. We ended up at DC9 after (it was Saturday, everywhere else was too crowded) but there are so many new bars around there I don’t know where to start. Vinoteca or Cork? Marvin or Gibson? Sollies or Nellies?

  • I’m anxiously awaiting the passing of its Hottest Place in Town status so I can go there frequently to enjoy incredible beers without the aforementioned d-bags.

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