Cafe Green Finally Has Soft Opening

Cafe Green is located at 1513 17th St, NW and takes up two floors. There had been a coming soon sign at this spot for ages, so when I walked by last weekend I was, happily, shocked to see them open. I was able to chat with one of their owner and GM, Jimmy Cooney (the other partner owns Java Green located at 1020 19th St, NW).

Upstairs dining area

So here’s what I learned:

They will be having their grand opening in late May but they “will be having a big opening party this coming Saturday, May 1st, from 11 am to 11 pm. A Gift Card Raffle, Music, and Specials on the menu will round out the day”.

They will soon have a full bar including liquor, wine including organic wine, beer, juice and coffee.

Below is a desert and beverage menu that will have some minor changes:

Café Green Beverage Dessert Menu 4.19.10

Below is the dining menu:


They will soon be serving brunch as well.

A few more photos after the jump including a photo of the soft opening menus.

Downstairs bar

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  • Finally? I’ve been to two soft openings there, one in March of 2009 and one in March of this year. They’ve been having soft openings for all of April. I’ll be excited when they stop having soft openings.

  • if i remember correctly, hasn’t two other places existed here prior to Cafe Green? they both went out of business.

    • Cyberstop Cafe was bought-out and converted to 17th St Cafe. 17th St Cafe did a solid business. It was sold (like most bars and restaurants) after a few years to turn a profit.

  • Java Green is an affront to good vegetarian food. I’m the rare vegetarian in DC who finds Java Green to be thorougly underwhelming.

    Something like Ubuntu or Green Zebra would be welcomed in DC, but I’ll pass on this.

  • First of all, this review is about Cafe Green, not Java Green. Secondly, Java Green is an affront to vegetarian food? give me a break. take your head out of your ass.

    • The menu largely replicates Java Green and shares ownership, so if it quacks like a duck and all.

      I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade, but eating at Java Green seriously makes me want to bite into a thick bloody red hamburger.

      You obviously haven’t eaten in some of the genuinely outstanding vegetarian restaurants in other cities. I’ll add Cafe Flora in Seattle to the list. You’ll get higher quality vegetarian offerings at some of DC’s better restaurants than anything offered at it’s limited “vegetarian” ones.

      • anon – what dont you like about java green? i personally find it delicious. and surprisingly while cafe green is owned by same folks who own java green – the menu is completely different.

  • I agree completely with the previous poster about Java Green and Cafe Green is simply a clone in slightly nicer clothes. They had a fantastic opportunity in a great location to give us something even close to Candle 79, Millennium, or any of the other amazing upscale vegan restaurants around the country, and they squandered it. I’m a longtime vegetarian/vegan, and although I tolerate JG occasionally, I’m going to pass.

  • More creative, freshly prepared, seasonal entrees, not just frozen fake meat and boring salads. I like cheap too, but this isn’t it – I don’t want to spend this much on processed reheated fake meat and cheese sauce.

    • i see. do you like that red sage place? also, their cheese-sauce is homemade, nothing processed. I had the sweet patato gnocchi with cheesesauce. while there was a bit too much sauce, the rest was delicious.

  • Those walls need some art.

  • I was at MR. Yogato on Friday night around 10 PM and their friendly host told me it was a health code violation to sit at their table when we said that we didn’t want a menu. Unlikely that we will try their real restaurant, they were super unfriendly. I didnt realize they weren’t even open yet! Had they given us a menu and said check it out, I would have definitely considered checking their restaurant out once open. Now, unlikely.

  • I’ve been a vegetarian for 20+ years, and love Java Green and have good experiences at Cafe Green, which I’ve been to a couple times now. Although they were clear that the menu was being tweaked, I found the things I did have, including the mandoo, the sweet potato gnocci in what I think was a sage sauce, and the “chicken” leg appetizer, to be wonderful. The staff was surprisingly friendly not ro mention very accommodating, and I found the experience to be really positive. I look forward to seeing the menu grow and to the place succeeding. And, responding to a poster above, I believe the boolgogi for one is made in-house, and is not a frozen product.

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