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  • This is so ugly. I am not sure what the point of preserving the facade is if you are going to build something like this around it. It makes it look like disneyland.

    • The point is that Woodley Park is a Historic Neighborhood so the Original Facades must remain intact. The rendering is an aerial view from an imaginary vantage point. But from the street the back structure will not impede upon the historic landscape. looking at many of the ugly buildings that go up from scratch in DC. A neighborhood like woodley could quickly lose its charm if rules like this weren’t in effect.

  • The Woodley Wardman is another project for which PoP advertiser, Urban Pace, is representing the developer in the sales process.

  • This is shaping up to be a high quality project. Why the first commenter believes the design is ugly is mystifying. The rear addition appears carefully designed to minimize its impact on sight lines from the street. Moreover, being placed well behind the present Wardman structure, it will not in any way detract from the lovely facades fronting Connecticut Avenue.

    About 20 years ago, a very similar project was built on the very same block, or one adjacent. That development turned out well, with the rear structure blending seamlessly into the streetscape. This project is bound to do likewise. Now if I could just afford to purchase a unit …

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