Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee or Mojito

This is one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while. Perhaps not that impressive from the above photo but when you see it perched atop this house…

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  • That’s in Georgetown near Tudor House right? I just walked by that Friday and commented on it since it seemed like it was a waste of a great rooftop w/ all those HVAC units, etc.

  • Yeah, it is a waste. You wouldn’t have much fun up there in the summertime, with those a/c units spewing hot air at you. I have to wonder if it’s actually accessible from inside the house, or if it’s just decorative.

  • Pretty sure this isn’t a roofdeck. Its just decorative to hide the satellite dish and hvac crap.

  • Well, let’s just say that it *could* be the best spot for a morning cup of coffee or mojito! I didn’t realize those were HVAC units until you guys pointed them out – I just glanced briefly at the second picture and assumed they were chairs. Agree that it’s a waste!

    PoP – you have made me obsessed with roofdecks! I have made it my lifetime goal to own a house with a roofdeck 😀

  • if that were a roof deck it would be the greatest of all time!

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