Apply for tickets to ANTIQUES ROADSHOW by April 19th

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From WETA:

“WETA is thrilled that Washington, D.C., is one of six cities chosen to be taped by the Antiques Roadshow crew this summer. They’ll be coming to the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on August 21.

A random selection for free tickets will be conducted in May 2010.

All tickets will be distributed in advance and tickets will not be available at the event site.

Tickets to the Antiques Roadshow event are free, but are very limited, so they are distributed through a random drawing. The deadline to enter online is Monday, April 19 at 11:59 pm. Register early!

If you haven’t already, APPLY FOR TICKETS NOW

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I went when they were in New Orleans, super duper fun!

  • Dang it, PoP, why you gotta let the cat out of the bag?? I’ve been keeping quiet about this lottery since January. Now everyone and their (grand)mother will apply, decreasing my chances of getting picked.

    The record for number of applications to the lottery is something like 30,000. I can see them getting a lot more than that for the D.C. show. I’m hoping the prospect of standing outside for hours in D.C. at the end of August will scare people away…

  • Clarification please.
    Tickets to what end?
    Are these tickets so that you may bring things to be appraised?
    Are they for spectators?

    • As far as I can tell, they don’t let people in just to watch. You must bring something that you want appraised.

  • what is that a picture of?

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