Another Reminder to Always Lock Your Car Doors

Photo from PoPville flickr user Jess J

From MPD 2D Listserv:

“Watch out for the diabetic

About 2:15 pm today [Tuesday], having just returned from some errands, I looked out the back and found a guy opening my car door (I apparently had not locked it). When I asked him what the hell he was doing, his reply was, I’m a diabetic and I need a place to pee. I told him my car was not that place and he headed east in the alley. Since he was clearly casing the area, I called the police as our PSA Officer Zeb said we should. They arrived after about 15 minutes but he was not around. Description: Black man, about 5’8” to 5’10’, shaved head and clean shaven, a few extra pounds, dark slacks, black jacket white shirt.”

Apparently there were a number of incidents around 15th and Caroline and 18th & U NW.

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  • He could have, at least, come up with a better excuse than that!

    captcha: varied blubber

  • Yeah, what a really strange excuse. I’m fanatical about locking my car doors.

    cue the people who say “well why do you own a car in the city anyway, you should walk more” in 3… 2… 1…

    • …and GO!:

      Yeah, man! If you want safe streets and and a nice neighborhood, some peace and quite at night, and grass, and you don’t want roving packs of teenagers throwing pebbles at your 2 year old in the park, then move the ‘burbs!

      This is the nitty gritty city, baby! If you got some kind of problem with random diabetics peeing in your car, then go from where you come from!

      {total mockery, of course, lest I get blasted by the folks whose side I am on!} 🙂

  • This post is diabetiecist!!!!

  • Doesn’t diabetic piss smell different? Not at all like regular wino piss. You should have just asked him to piss and prove it.

  • And I have to ask “what the hell are you doin leaving your car door unlocked” this is not Kansas!

    • no sh*t. people leave their car doors unlocked in this city? It was ingrained in my brain from week one to always lock my door and never leave anything more than an empty candy bar wrapper in view. An empty one, mind you, never know what would happen if you left a full candy bar on your backseat…

  • Am I the only one who thinks that 15 minutes is an unreasonable amount of time for the police to respond to something like this? Of the nearest 10 officers, how many could possibly be doing something more important?

    • Something like what?
      Get real. You’re lucky they responded at all.

      • hurray for low expectations!
        boo to expectations of things that are normal in the civilized world!

    • You mean like hanging out on the corner with their buddies? How often do you actually see police doing something important? Seriously?

  • Updated description:

    Black man, about 5’8” to 5’10’, shaved head and clean shaven, a few extra pounds, damp slacks, black jacket white shirt.

  • I forgot to lock my doors Sunday night-came to my car Monday morning, noticed teh door was slightly ajar and everything in my center console was strewn about the front seat. My fault, obviously, but still.

    This was a few months after having the car broken into-this is in the Ledroit Park-ish area.

    • The thing is, if you had remembered to lock your doors, you could very likely have had a broken window in addition to all that.

      I don’t lock the doors on my POS car, since the cost of a new window is a hell of a lot more than the value of anything that can be stolen. Possibly even including the car.

  • Yesterday around 6 I was taking a jog, and at about 16th and meridian I saw a guy matching this description dump an entire trash can full of garbage into the middle of 16th street in front of a line of cars stopped at the stoplight.

  • Emmaleigh504

    When I had a piece of shit truck, I never locked my doors. Periodically someone would go through my stuff, but they never took anything. Not even the change I left in the console. (Theory was they were looking for guns or drugs, which I didn’t have.) I always found it hilarious how neat they were. Nothing out of place except the seat was pulled forward.

  • This reminds me of about 7 years ago when I was waiting for the light at Conn & Albermarle and a little old lady jumped into my car and ordered me to take her to the grocery store at Van Ness because she forgot her purse. She scared the hell out of me and she was 80. I have been locking my car doors ever since.

  • i leave my doors unlocked so i don’t get my windows broken if some idiot wants to look in the car. which has happened twice.

  • Weird! A few weeks ago on Gresham Place, 700 block, my girlfriend and I were walking up the street when someone standing behind an open car door was yelling at us “Excuse me! Excuse me!” We tried to ask what he wanted, but he kept yelling “Excuse me!” Wen we got past him we noticed he was peeing on the sidewalk. We continued and he said yelled “I’m diabetic!”

  • Homelessness could be ended tomorrow if we would just open our cars to those on the street. Cue, “we are the world. . . .”

  • I recently became diabetic and am happy to learn that it comes with such perks – peeing in the street and random unlocked parked cars – sweet!

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