Angelico’s Pizzeria Opens at 1334 U Street, NW

While I haven’t been a huge fan of the pizza, it’s nice to see the space looking 100% better. I’ll have to give them another shot! They’re located at 1334 U St, NW next to some cool murals.

Update: Based on some comments below, I have to change the title to a new Angelico’s location opens on U St. It’s funny because when I went in the store to speak with one of the workers they said it has always been there but just got fixed up. I thought I was losing my mind. I’m glad I wasn’t. And as I said originally it’s nice to see the space looking so much better. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • I think this is a new place… Angelico’s is a local chain that recently opened in Mt. P… They’ve got a spot in Tenleyntown as well. I think this must be a new location for them. The place used to be a mix of bad middle eastern/indian food and jumpo slice, not an Angelico’s.

    • Yup it was previously a low-end jumbo slice, not an Angelico’s. So they’ve upgraded it from inedible to merely unappetizing. Progress of a sort.

  • Dave Angelico is expanding his empire! Hopefully not too quickly.

  • Yeah. I’m also pretty sure this is a new location for them. they only had 3 or so when they moved into Mt. P. Which btw, the Mt. P location has damn fine pizza as far as delivery goes in DC. Not to mention $11 for an extra large if you go pick it up…hell yes!

  • The two brothers who owned Lahore Kabob aka Jumbo Slice sold part of the business to this guy. The pizza quality has actually gone down.

    • Not possible. That jumbo slice was the worst pizza I’ve ever had. Angelico’s in Mt. P is fine, so I’d expect this to be just as good.

  • I can’t speak for the pizza, but the place looks 100% better.

  • This new Angelico’s is absolutely terrible. I frequent the Angelico’s in Mt. P and this U st location is just god awful. All they did was repackage the jumbo slice with Angelico’s name. I went in there expecting a decent slice of Angelico’s pizza, was handed a jumbo slice, tasted it to make sure, and promptly returned it to the trash can.

    If you like jumbo slice, you’ll love this place. Everyone else should avoid it like the plague.

  • Really? I had this the other day and it was pretty good…but I guess at 3 in the morning anything goes

  • R.I.P. Disco Slice. I will miss your spectacular light show, the ratty couches, and the blasting music. Not to mention the deadly pizza.

  • I really like their pizza. A location on Georgia delivers to me in Brightwood. Their Sicilian is really good and so is the Chicken Pesto. They are VERY helpful on the phone and the delivery is fast 30-45 minutes even at peak times. I really REALLY like them and am thankful for the location on Georgia!

  • I beg to differ – I live nearby and tried the old jumbo slice, which was horrendous at 3am, but the new Angelico slice is good, 7pm, sober!

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