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  • Poor puppy! My kitty had to wear one of those, they are so embarrassing. The soft ones are better because they are flexible, but they are opaque so the animal can’t see out of the side and then has the tendency to run into things, like door jams.

  • haha yeah, Charlie had a hard cone but he kept running into things with it too, eventually cracking it on the stairs and freeing himself!

    Oddly enough, he doesn’t really seem to mind wearing the cone.

    • Is Charlie part corgie? He does look awfully cute. Good on him for breaking out of the hard cone, those things are horrible. At least he is holding his head up high, my kitties walk all hunched over like the thing weighs 50 pounds!

  • That’s my bf.

  • No, that’s my BF! He promised that cone to me! We’ll just have to fight for him.

  • He wears the cone of shame!

  • Um, Rose and Kristen, are you serious?
    Why don’t we ask Charlie who his girlfriend is. He’ll call both of you whores and then he and I will go for a walk.

  • actually charlie is gay… gay as the day is long. all of you desperate spinsters should move on to the next hopeless cause before this gets any more ridiculous!

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