Am I Losing my Mind?

I thought all these communications towers were taken down at the corner of 14th and Florida Ave, NW (behind the new View 14 apartment building). Some towers were definitely taken down. Did they leave one up? Did one just recently go up? I hope there’s a significant discount if your window looks out on it but on the other hand I guess your cell phone reception will be fantastic…

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  • That one is the last remaining tower — they are actually finally in the process of taking it down. The dish in the picture is now gone and the top portion is partially disassembled…took them long enough!

  • And it doesn’t help cell phone reception…the antennae belong(ed) to Comcast.

  • I took a tour of this building back in January (more for kicks than for actually looking to move) and the person giving us the tour said the tower pictured above would be coming down “in 6 weeks” and the satellite dish would be moved to the View 14 roof.

    The tour guide also told us the old Nehemiah Shopping Center space would be developed “in 2 years.”

    I, meanwhile, transform into “a magical flying goat” when the moon is full.

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