What the Helen of Troy is This?


In Aix en Provence, France there are many of these bronze looking buttons that mark the steps of its most famous resident Paul Cezanne. This obviously not the same. This button was found on the bridge between Mt. Pleasant and Cleveland Park on Porter. I’m especially curious since it was on a bridge. Any ideas?

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  • It looks like a survey marker. However, I’m not a surveyor, so I may be way off.

  • Yup, survey marker.

  • Also known as benchmarks, and there is an entire subculture of folks who enjoy tracking them down:


    Well, OK, an obscure subculture of another subculture (geocachers). Benchmark hunters are usually in it for the history and have uncovered some pretty significant survey markers thought to have been lost to history. Keep your eyes on the ground and you’ll start spotting them all over the city.

  • Yeah – its basically a “known” point on the map that Surveyors can use as a starting point for their surveys

  • They’re most fun when located in the center of busy roads and bridges. The guys who actually have to go out into traffic and stand there with their surveyor pole while dodging traffic are the apprentices. The guys standing safely to the side laughing at them are the journeymen and such.

  • The earth’s naval.

  • The Earth’s in the navy?

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