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  • They look like termite hills.

  • Where were these hills? I hope no where near my hardwood floors, support joists, or roof structure. Definitely looks like some sort of ant or termite…

  • Yep, Termites. RUUULL bad termites, but termites

  • Fire ants. Hope you checked your pants and shoes before entering you house.

  • holy moses. This is going to give me nightmares. It reminds me of the most frightening Outerlimits episode I ever saw. (At least, I think it was an episode of that show…)

  • First of all, those aren’t fire ant hills. I grew up in the South with fire ants everywhere, and those don’t look like what I saw. Besides, I’m not sure if fire ants have made it this far north.

    As for termites, I think the mound-building type is more likely to be found in Africa or Australia.

  • fresh mulch waiting to be spread out?

  • Empire of the Ants

    or as local dc residents call it: “The Plan”

  • Definitely Graboids.

  • I HATE it when people don’t pick up after their brontosauri.

  • Fire ants?
    Man, you folks watch way too much TV/disaster movies/Wild Kingdom. It’
    Uh, looks like finely ground cedar or pine mulch, placed in heaps to be spread out later.

  • Not fireants…I know that for a fact. From Georgia and see them all the time.
    I agree with “Toes”….looks like piles of mulch plopped out in the shape of the container they were stored in, just waiting to be spread out on the ground.
    Spring is coming after all ya know.

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