Wed. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)


This apartment is located at 1384 Bryant Street NE:
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The flier says:

“Beautifully renovated condo on a quiet street close to the red line. Steps away from the Metro, Shopping, and Grocery Store. Ample street parking and 1 gated parking for resident. Live in luxury with stainless steel appliances, granite counters, and an in home washer/dryer. Even has a Jacuzzi in the bathroom!”

I have to be honest, I don’t know this neighborhood at all. Does $899 999 sound reasonable for a renovated 1 bed/1 bath in this location?

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  • Yes. I live right next door and pay more. You should know, that the area is not 100% safe. I have lived there for over a year without problems.

  • too good to be true

  • sounds in line with an area that i’m betting most readers know little about.

  • I’m sorry, “steps” away from the metro? It’s over half a mile! “Steps away” implies something like Highland Park in relation to CH metro.

    Misrepresentations like this tell me that there’s other things the agent/owner will lie about, too. “Jacuzzi”? I’m guessing it’s an ordinary bathtub with those stupid jets that make as much noise as, well, a jet, and are a pain to clean. Super. What an amenity.

  • I used to walk through this area to get to and from work. \Steps away from Metro and grocery store\ is definitely an exaggeration, but it is walkable. I never had any safety issues, but I was frequently warned about walking alone in the area as a young female.

  • Flier says 999 a month. I think its a good deal. The neighborhood is not great, but its not bad. If someone is looking for something pretty close to a metro, and not to far from livelier areas, I don’ think this is a bad deal. Plus they allow small dogs.

  • The walk to the metro is not that bad, I have seen other ads where people say steps to the metro and its like 0.9m away. I would consider that a decent city walking distance from the metro

  • Is train noise a problem here?

  • I live nearby and its about 120 dollars less than what I pay but I am on the 2nd floor and this might be a ground floor. Area is decent and safe for the most part but once in a while guys blast music. Not much train noise either and the walk is pretty short if you cut through the home depot. Probably about 1/2 mile so 7 minute walk maybe.

  • I ask this sincerely, and am interested in answers not a war.

    Are these rental units in parts of the city that are fairly inaccessible to nightlife and other amenities really targets for the POP readership? I see a few comments from people who live near this location, and I am interested in what drew them to the area.

    Personally every time I see a GDoN or a rental deal in a location like this give it only a cursory glance.

    Paying $1000 a month to live in this location just doesn’t seem reasonable to me, as it eliminates so many of the best parts of living in a metro area. Truly interested to hear why I am wrong.

  • Yeah, this aint dupont! I don’t live near the bars and I read the blog sometimes because it applies to most of DC. I live here because I get more for my money by way of quality and space. It is like living in NoVa with a shorter commute. I pay 1120 to live in the next condo building over but it includes parking and I have North Carolina plates so it saves me from street parking. But its secure, has about 700+ square feet, high ceilings, etc. My friend lives 2 miles or so west in the Yale Steam Laundry and pays 2400 without parking. Yes, he has a gym and a pool thats open 3 months a year… but I am trying to save money while I am in school. Hopefully bars will open up soon, but I take the bus or metro home from clubs/bars or just a cab

  • Very convenient to home depot…

    Honestly, I don’t get why you’d pay that much to live around there. It’s definitely not a great area, but more importantly, there is absolutely nothing to walk to.

    Is this really how much it costs to live by yourself in DC, even in Brentwood?

    I’d much rather rend an entire rowhouse in Petworth or something for $2,000 (or less) and get a roommate for the same money, at least you’d be near something.

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